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    SLAYYYYYYYEEEERRR!!: Slayer Concert Review

    My brother and I saw Slayer for the first time a few weeks after we saw Tool and Tomahawk.

    This was the second time I had been to the Newport Music Hall in Columbus, OH.

    It does not look like much on the outside, but the venue is really cool and has been around for decades.

    Soooooo many have played and do play there.

    We did not see any of the opening acts (I don’t even know who they were), but we were only there to see Slayer anyways.

    The band (consisting of Singer/Bassist Tom Araya and Guitarists Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman) had just brought back original drummer Dave Lombardo to play with them for the first time in 10 years.  It was great seeing him back with them.

    Slayer is definitely not for everyone, but for me, they are one of the best, if not the best, at what they do.

    They’re mostly consistent on album and they blow most bands away in concert.

    I think of them as like AC/DC, in terms of know what you’re going to get with them.

    They’re sooooo heavy.  Sooooo loud.  They’re awesome.

    This was such an awesome show.

    My brother and I had a great time.

    Set List:

    1. Intro Tape:  Darkness Of Christ
    2. Disciple (New Song)
    3. God Send Death (New Song)
    4. War Ensemble
    5. Haunting The Chapel
    6. The Antichrist
    7. Threshold (New Song)
    8. Stain Of Mind
    9. In The Name Of God
    10. At Dawn They Sleep
    11. Spill The Blood
    12. Postmortem
    13. Raining Blood
    14. Hell Awaits
    15. Dead Skin Mask
    16. Seasons In The Abyss
    17. Payback (New Song)
    18. Mandatory Suicide
    19. Chemical Warfare
    20. Encore:  South Of Heaven
    21. Angel Of Death

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    A Weird But Good Show: Tool/Tomahawk Concert

    My brother and I went to see Tool in concert 20 minutes from where we live.

    The show itself was mostly very good, but some strange things happened too.

    First, when security checked us, we were told us to empty of pockets of change.  We were not allowed to have change in our pockets.  I was emptying mine out, stupidly, but then I was told no it was fine.  This was STUPID!!!!!!!

    I also noticed no news crews were allowed in to film any of the show for their newscasts later on in the evening.

    Maybe this is not strange but I thought it was.

    Anyway, we were finally allowed in and the show started off with Tomahawk playing.

    Tomahawk is one of the bands fronted by Mike Patton, whos is also the singer of Faith No More and Mr. Bungle.

    I guess the crowd were just hardcore Tool fans because they gave Tomahawk a lot of flak during their set.  Mike yelled back at the crowd but I guess they wanted Tool.

    It was disappointing seeing this happen, but I’m glad I at least saw Mike because who knows if I’ll ever get to see Faith No More, who I am a fan of.

    Tool put on a very visual, loud, rocking show.  

    However, singer Maynard James Keenan kept his back to the crowd the entire performance.

    I heard later maybe he did this because he was offended that the crowd gave Mike and Tomahawk so much flak.

    Or he was just being strange, which he seems to have a rep for.

    However, he sang well and the band (consisting of Guitarist Adam Jones, Bassist Justin Chancellor and Drummer Danny Carey) kicked butt.

    And they returned the favor to Mike by inviting him out for one of their songs near the end of their set.

    Pretty cool.

    Definitely the strangest show I’ve ever been to, but nevertheless, we mostly had fun.

    Tool Set List:

    1. Sober
    2. The Grudge
    3. Stinkfest
    4. H.
    5. Schism
    6. Parabola
    7. AEnema
    8. Disposition
    9. Reflection
    10. Triad (w/Mike Patton)
    11. Lateralus

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