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    Hello Cleveland! Rock And Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony 2018 Review

    I also went to the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony in Cleveland, OH.
    I will NEVER agree with the way they vote people in, but I still wanted to see the show.
    My best friend Jamie went with me.
    We went to the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame Museum first, which was a lot of fun.  I definitely want to go there again.
    Now to the show.
    It was really special seeing the original Bon Jovi band together.
    Jon Bon Jovi gave a great speech.
    Howard Stern, who inducted them, gave a great, funny speech.
    Dire Straits did not perform because Mark and David Knopfler did not attend.
    The tributes to Sister Rosetta Tharpe and Nina Simone were fun.
    Especially when Lauryn Hill did some Nina Simone songs.
    She was incredible.
    Ann Wilson and Jerry Cantrell paid tribute to Chris Cornell and played Black Hole Sun, which was cool. I was not expecting that.
    I’ll get to The Moody Blues in a second, but the biggest highlight of the night for me was seeing The Cars!!!
    They reunited specifically for this occasion.
    They had not done anything in 7 years, but on this night, it was like they never stopped.
    I’m very glad I saw them.
    They tore it up!!!!!!
    The Moody Blues closed the show and were cool.
    Each artist had 4 songs.
    The show was 4.5 hours. HBO aired 3 hours of it this past Saturday. Check repeats or on HBOGO for repeats.
    I’m not being super descriptive here, but again, you get the drift that I’m continuing to live out my dream/obsession.
    Most people want marriages and kids. God bless all of you, but what I want is the next concert experience.
    And believe me, I have more coming.

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    3 Classic Rock Shows in 1 Night: REO Speedwagon/Styx/Don Felder Concert Review

    Here is another show I went to.
    REO Speedwagon/Styx/Don Felder (guitarist of the Eagles).
    Don started first with an hour of Eagles classics.
    He actually sang Henley/Frey songs, and he sang them well.
    His band was tight, and he even had Tommy Shaw of Styx and Dave Amato of REO come out to play Hotel California with him.
    Tommy also sang with Don on Take It Easy.
    Again, his set was great.
    Then, Styx took the stage and tore it up!!!!!
    I had seen them before, and knew they were fantastic in concert.
    They were this night, too.
    REO I had not seen and unfortunately had to leave 5 songs in because I had to get to work.
    But I liked what I saw and heard and am glad I saw what I saw.
    I hope to see them again someday (Edit:  I did.).
    Another fun show in the book.

    REO Speedwagon Set List:

    1. Don’t Let Him Go
    2. In Your Letter
    3. Keep Pushin’
    4. Can’t Fight This Feeling
    5. Tough Guys
    6. Whipping Boy
    7. That Ain’t Love
    8. Take It On The Run
    9. Time For Me To Fly
    10. Back On The Road Again
    11. Ridin’ The Storm Out
    12. Keep On Loving You
    13. Roll With The Changes
    14. Listen To Her Heart (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers cover)

    Styx Set List:

    1. Gone Gone Gone
    2. Blue Collar Man (Long Nights)
    3. The Grand Illusion
    4. Lady
    5. Light Up
    6. Radio Silence
    7. Miss America
    8. Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man)
    9. Too Much Time On My Hands
    10. Khedive
    11. Lawrence Gowan Solo (did some of Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen)
    12. Come Sail Away
    13. Rockin’ The Paradise
    14. Renegade

    Don Felder Set List:

    1. Already Gone
    2. One Of These Nights
    3. Heavy Metal (Takin’ A Ride)
    4. Seven Bridges Road
    5. Witchy Woman
    6. The Long Run
    7. Take It Easy
    8. Heartache Tonight
    9. Life In The Fast Lane
    10. Hotel California

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    Fast As A Shark: U.D.O. Dirkschneider Concert Review

    Here is another show I went to.
    U.D.O. Dirkschneider, the former singer of the band Accept.
    I saw him do an all Accept set in Louisville.
    I was so close that he actually high-fived me!!!
    Two hours of Metal!!
    Great show.
    Don’t have much to say on this one, other than I’m glad I got to see U.D.O.  since he doesn’t come to America as much these days.
    He’s still putting out great albums and can still sing all those Accept songs well.

    Set List:

    1. The Beast Inside
    2. Aiming High
    3. Bulletproof
    4. Midnight Mover
    5. Living For Tonite
    6. Another Second To Be
    7. Fight It Back
    8. Can’t Stand The Night
    9. Amamos la Vida
    10. London Leatherboys
    11. Up To The Limit
    12. Breaker
    13. Screaming For A Love-Bite
    14. Love Child
    15. Objection Overruled
    16. Russian Roulette
    17. Encore:  Princess Of The Dawn
    18. Metal Heart
    19. Fast As A Shark
    20. Balls To The Wall

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