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    I Finally Saw a Member of Pantera

    I finally got to see a member of one of my favorite bands, Pantera, in 2012.

    Vinnie Paul!!

    Drummer of Hellyeah at this point.

    I sadly never got to see Pantera.

    They played in Huntington in 2001 but I stupidly did not go.  I’ll forever regret that (Pantera Guitarist Dimebag Darrell, Vinnie’s brother, was murdered in 2004.)

    But I’m glad I got to see Vinnie drum for Hellyeah.

    They kicked butt.

    I’m typing this in 2023 and unfortunately, Vinnie is now gone too.

    RIP Vinnie.  Forever missed.

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    Godsmack/Staind/Halestorm Concert Review

    This was a great show.

    1st time seeing Halestorm and I was blown away.

    Never been a big Staind fan but they impressed me.  They were quite heavy and rocking.

    And Godsmack stole the show.  Always awesome.


    Godsmack Set List:

    1. Awake
    2. Straight Out Of Line
    3. The Enemy
    4. Good Day To Die
    5. The Oracle
    6. Cryin’ Like A Bitch!!
    7. Keep Away
    8. Speak
    9. Love-Hate-Sex-Pain
    10. Voodoo
    11. Drum Duel Solo
    12. Whatever
    13. I Stand Alone

    Staind Set List:

    1. Raw
    2. Right Here
    3. Eyes Wide Open
    4. Spleen
    5. Failing
    6. So Far Away
    7. Now 
    8. Country Boy
    9. For You
    10. Paper Wings
    11. Outside
    12. Not Again
    13. It’s Been Awhile
    14. Mudshovel
    15. Something To Remind You

    Halestorm Set List:

    1. Love Bites (So Do I)
    2. Mz. Hyde
    3. I Miss The Misery
    4. Freak Like Me
    5. Familiar Taste of Poison
    6. Rock Show
    7. It’s Not You
    8. I Get Off
    9. Here’s To Us

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