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    Genesis Revisited: Steve Hackett Concert Review

    I saw another awesome concert.
    Steve Hackett at the Taft Theater in Cincinnati, Ohio.
    Steve and his awesome band played almost 40 minutes of Steve’s solo stuff, then took a 20 minute break and then came back to play all of the double live Genesis album called Seconds Out.
    Steve was the lead guitarist of Genesis during most of the 70s and since then has made MANY albums.
    He is a phenomenal musician and his band is AWESOME!
    Thank you sir for this great concert.
    I bought a tour book and a signed double live album/Blu-ray.

    Steve Hackett Band Members:

    Steve Hackett Set Lists:

    Set 1:

    1. Clocks-The Angel Of Mons
    2. Held In The Shadows
    3. Every Day
    4. The Devil’s Cathedral
    5. Shadow Of The Hierophant

    Set 2:  Genesis Seconds Out Album

    1. Squonk
    2. The Carpet Crawlers
    3. Robbery, Assault and Battery
    4. Afterglow
    5. Firth Of Fifth
    6. I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)
    7. The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
    8. The Musical Box (Closing Section)
    9. Supper’s Ready
    10. The Cinema Show
    11. Aisle Of Plenty
    12. Encore:  Dance On A Volcano
    13. Drum Solo
    14. Los Endos/Slogans/Los Endos

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    Monster Metal: Doyle and Wednesday 13 Concert Review

    My cousin Zachary (really more like my little brother) and Kevin Montavon had a great time at a concert Saturday.
    Saw Doyle Wednesday 13, Salem’s Childe, and a local band called Everlasting Godstopper.
    All were very good but we were mostly there to see Doyle and Wednesday 13.
    Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein is the guitarist of the legendary punk rock band The Misfits but also has a solo band, which is really good.
    Definitely more Metal than punk but very good.
    Wednesday 13 is definitely more punk rock but great.
    Really fun show all around.
    My next concert is Steve Hackett April 28.

    Doyle Band Members:

    Doyle Set List:

    1. Abominator
    2. Beast Like Me
    3. Virgin Sacrifice
    4. Witchcraft
    5. Cemeterysexxx
    6. Mark Of The Beast
    7. Show No Mercy
    8. Head Hunter
    9. Dreaming Dead Girls
    10. God Of Flies
    11. Hope Hell Is Warm

    Wednesday 13 Set List:

    1. I Want You…Dead
    2. Put Your Death Mask On
    3. Cadaverous
    4. Die My Bride
    5. 197666
    6. Rambo
    7. I Walked With A Zombie
    8. Bad Things
    9. I Love To Say Fuck

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