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    Keep On Rocking!!: Y&T Concert Review

    My first concert of 2020 was a first time for me.
    I FINALLY saw the rock band Y&T (formerly called Yesterday And Today in the 70s).
    I was supposed to see them two years ago but sadly I couldn’t make it at the last minute.
    I made up for it this time.
    Y&T played a very small room underneath a restaurant called  Ludlow’s Garage in Cincinnati, Ohio.
    Band leader/lead singer/lead guitarist Dave Meniketti (the last surviving original member) was in SUPER fine form, as was the band, made up of co guitarist John Nymann, drummer Mike Vanderhule, and bassist Aaron Leigh.
    What an amazing rock concert.
    They played at about 2 hours and 10 minutes or 2 hours and 15 minutes.
    Great sounding room. It was near capacity.
    Dave said Y&T had not been to Cincinnati in about 30 years.
    He jokingly said don’t blame him.
    Hopefully it won’t be another 30.
    This band, outside of their diehard fan base, is mostly known for the song Summertime Girls, but trust me, there is more to them than that song.
    Look at their setlist, listed below, and pick any of those songs to listen to.
    They have many albums.
    Check them out.
    This is a talented band, and Dave Meniketti is a phenomenal singer/guitarist.
    I put him up against anyone.
    P.S. a lady named Lizza who was in the audience happened to be someone who was a prominent character in two of Y&T’s videos in the 80s (Mean Streak and Don’t Stop Running).
    She lives in Cincinnati now and visited the band before the show and was there for the whole show.
    Dave gave her a shout out and I happened to see her in a row near me.
    Pretty cool.
    And, they have a 2 disc DVD documentary called On With The Show.
    No it’s not streaming, but it’s available on their website yandtrocks and at their shows.
    Even if you’re not a fan, it’s fun to watch.

    Y&T Band Members:

    Y&T Set List:

    1. Hurricane
    2. Hard Times
    3. Lucy
    4. Lipstick And Leather
    5. Don’t Stop Running
    6. How Long
    7. Mean Streak
    8. Midnight In Tokyo
    9. Dirty Girl
    10. Earthshaker
    11. I Want Your Money
    12. Winds Of Change
    13. Blind Patriot
    14. Summertime Girls
    15. Contagious
    16. Black Tiger
    17. Rescue Me
    18. Forever
    19. Encore:  I Believe In You
    20. I’m Coming Home

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