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    70s Glam Rock at it’s Finest: Angel and The Sweet Concert Review

    Where do I begin?

    Well, I’ll start with that days like this are what I always wish for.

    And that is going to a great concert, seeing/meeting great bands and people, and of course, hearing great music.

    All of that happened at this concert.

    I saw for the second time one of my favorite bands of all time, Angel, and for the first time, I saw The Sweet.

    Two great bands from the 1970s.

    Angel started the show with a phenomenal set of songs and volume.

    Original members Frank Dimino (Lead Vocals) and Punky Meadows (Lead Guitar) are still kicking butt, along with their phenomenal band of Danny Farrow Anniello (Rhythm Guitar), Charlie Calv (Keyboards), Steve E. Ojaine (Bass), and Billy Orrico (Drums).

    Angel, like I said in my earlier blog from this year (link here 3/12/2023 ) are a band that in my opinion should be so much bigger and more known.

    They had it all.  The talent, the songs, the look, a great record company, everything. 

    But for whatever reason, they never got past a cult following.  I don’t understand it because they were and are just a phenomenal band.

    Frank Dimino to me is one of the best singers out there even today.  He’s always been great and has not lost anything in his voice.

    Punky Meadows has always been a great guitarist and I think he has gotten better with age.

    The whole band is just really tight and solid as a rock.

    And they’re still putting out great new albums (Risen in 2019 and this year’s Once Upon A Time are two favorites of mine, but I’m biased admittedly and love all their albums).

    I’m glad that after many years of not being a band that they did return a few years ago and are showing people they still do kick butt with the best of them

    And I am so grateful that I have been able to see them again, and hopefully more in the future.

    And I forgot to say that I met all the guys at this show too!!!!!!!

    I was able to go to their meet and greet before their show and got all of my Angel CDs as well as Frank’s and Punky’s solo albums signed, and got my picture taken with all the guys.

    They could not have been nicer.

    I did not expect them to sign everything (the rules stated to bring 3 items) but I brought 10, if nothing else to show them how much a fan I am.  And Punky told me “we’ll sign everything”.

    Danny even jokingly said to me about Angel’s White Hot (my favorite Angel studio album) if I had heard that one yet?  Haha.

    I cannot be more grateful to all the guys, especially Punky and Danny, who are quite active on Facebook and fan friendly with everyone.  In fact, they knew who I was once I introduced myself. 

    Thank you all.

    I love you guys.

    The Sweet closed the show.

    They were very good, and rocked the house just as much as Angel did.

    The Sweet are actually two bands (this one that is authorized by original member Steve Priest’s family, and one featuring original guitarist Andy Scott).

    This has happened a lot in the last several years with bands going out under the same band name.

    Regardless of what anyone thinks about that (I personally wish everyone would have their own name), I do understand it and still support all because they’re keeping the music alive and if people want to hear the songs, then they should be able to deliver them to the people.

    And I haven’t seen Andy Scott’s version (I’d like to), but this version is very good.

    Singer Patrick Stone, Guitarist Jimmy Burkard, Bassist Stevie Stewart, Drummer Richie Onori, and Keyboardist , give the songs the justice they deserve.

    Loud and rocking.

    And the fans loved every second of it.

    Thanks everyone for bringing the rock.  Thanks to The King of Clubs for bringing these bands to their venue and for their hospitality, and thanks fellow music fan Michael Fedok for a great conversation while hanging out waiting for the meet and greet and show to happen.

    Great day.

    Angel Band Members:

    The Sweet Band Members:

    Angel Set List:

    1. On The Rocks
    2. Can You Feel It
    3. Mirrors
    4. Wild And Hot
    5. The Fortune
    6. We Were The Wild
    7. Got Love If You Want It
    8. Don’t Leave Me Lonely
    9. It’s Alright
    10. Pressure Point
    11. I Ain’t Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore
    12. Feelin’ Right
    13. Rock & Rollers
    14. Encore:  The Tower

    The Sweet Set List:

    1. Action
    2. Teenage Rampage
    3. Set Me Free
    4. Love Is Like Oxygen
    5. Sweet F.A.
    6. No You Don’t
    7. Done Me Wrong Alright/Roadhouse Blues/Drum Solo/Done Me Wrong Alright cont.
    8. Little Willy/Blockbuster/Wig-Wam Bam
    9. AC/DC
    10. Fox On The Run
    11. Ballroom Blitz

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    Thank You For Making Me Happy: Alter Bridge/Sevendust/MJT Concert Review

    Nights like this are what it’s all about for me.

    I FINALLY was able to see Alter Bridge in concert!!

    I also got to see Sevendust for the third time, and a newer band called MJT.

    And I was able to be in the front row!!  WOO!!!!

    MJT started the show with a mind blowing set.

    These guys are phenomenal musicians.

    I could literally feel the music pumping out of the speakers.

    I need to look into their music because I honestly did not know about them before this.

    Next up was Sevendust.

    They have been around since the 90s, constantly touring and making albums.

    They have always been solid, and for the most part, the lineup has remained intact (original lineup for most of it and currently is that).

    They are a great combination of heavy, bombast rock/metal, but also have a lot of melody and can play acoustic as great as anyone.

    Their lead singer Lajon Witherspoon is just a really cool person and has a phenomenal voice.

    Clint Lowery and John Connely are a great guitar team.

    Vince Hornsby is just awesome on the bass.

    And Morgan Rose is a monster on the drums.

    I’ve been a fan of this band pretty much from the beginning and they always deliver the goods.

    Now if it wasn’t already great (it was), the main event was up next:  Alter Bridge!!!!

    They have been around almost 20 years and actually most of the band are also in the hugely successful band Creed.

    Alter Bridge have always been a solid hard rock band with in my opinion one of the greatest singers ever, Myles Kennedy (also a phenomenal guitarist too), fronting the band.

    Guitartist/Vocalist Mark Tremonti is just awesome.  

    Bassist Brian Marshall is one of my favorite bassists ever.  I’m super impressed with his playing.

    And Drummer Scott Phillips is always solid behind the kit.

    Alter Bridge became more popular in Europe, but have quite a following in America too and their fans appreciate them.

    The crowd was singing along to every word throughout.  Myles even quit singing at times so the crowd could just sing.

    Myles said this was a special crowd and that he didn’t want to leave at one point because he and the band were having so much fun.

    Again, nights like this are what it’s all about for me.

    I wish I could just go to concerts because I’m most happy at those.

    In fact, during Sevendust’s set, Lajon said to the crowd “thank you for making me happy”.

    Well right back at him and everyone of the bands:  Thank you for making me happy!!

    This is what I live for.

    Thank you so much.


    Alter Bridge Band Members:

    Sevendust Band Members:

    MJT Band Members:

    Sevendust Set List:

    1. Face To Face
    2. Denial
    3. Crucified
    4. Karma
    5. Fence
    6. Disgrace
    7. Angel’s Son
    8. Black
    9. Everything 
    10. Shine

    Alter Bridge Set List:

    1. Silver Tongue
    2. Addicted To Pain
    3. Ghost of Days Gone By
    4. Broken Wings
    5. Burn It Down (Mark sings)
    6. Cry of Achilles
    7. Wonderful Life (Myles was not intending to sing this but he saw a sign in the audience and he said he would try his best to sing it.  Great surprise.)/Watch Over You (Myles singing solo with acoustic guitar)
    8. In Loving Memory (Myles sings and Mark plays acoustic guitar)
    9. Blackbird
    10. Come to Life
    11. Fable of the Silent Son
    12. Isolation
    13. Open Your Eyes
    14. Metalingus
    15. Encore:  Rise Today

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    My Review of “Metallica M72 World Tour Live in Cinemas” Night 2

    I went to a repeat of Night 2 of Metallica’s M72 World Tour Live in Cinemas concert film on Monday, August 21, of 2023.

    I missed the actual live broadcast the previous night because I was at another concert.  That’s me.

    Anyway, this was really cool because I ended up having the theater room all to myself.  Everyone else must have gone to the live broadcast the previous night.

    I’ve been a Metallica fan for 25 years and I always will be.

    I’ve supported them through all their albums and tours and have defended them when they have taken a few twists and turns, musically.

    But for the past 20 years, they have really been on a roll, still putting out great albums.  Some of their best, in my opinion.

    But whatever you think of their albums, they always deliver in concert.

    This tour they are on they are playing in stadiums only, two nights at that stadium, are playing two completely different set lists, and are having different opening bands each night.

    So, if you’re a fan, they are really giving you bang for your buck.

    Anyway, this was awesome.  Love all the songs.  Couldn’t ask for anything more.

    Set List:

    1. Whiplash
    2. For Whom The Bell Tolls
    3. Ride The Lightning
    4. Dirty Window
    5. 72 Seasons
    6. If Darkness Had a Son
    7. Fade To Black
    8. You Must Burn!
    9. The Call of Ktulu
    10. No Leaf Clover
    11. Wherever I May Roam
    12. Moth Into Flame
    13. Battery
    14. Whiskey In The Jar
    15. One 
    16. Enter Sandman

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    Extreme “Six” Album Review

    The band Extreme are back with their first album since 2009.

    It was worth the wait.

    Musically, it’s very varied.  Lots of rock, funky songs, some acoustic songs, ballads, it’s an awesome hodgepodge of music, but yet focused.

    The band is still the original lineup (Singer Gary Cherone, Guitarist/Singer Nuno Bettencourt, and Bassist Pat Badger) except for the drummer (Kevin Figueiredo, who has been there since 2009).

    This is definitely one of my favorite albums released so far this year.

    If you’re a fan, check it out.

    And even if you’re not, check it out anyway.  You may be pleasantly surprised.

    Well done guys!!

    I hope to see you someday.

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    Greta Van Fleet “Starcatcher” Album Review

    I first discovered Greta Van Fleet when they released their first EP From The Fires in 2017.

    At first, I thought their songs sounded like lost Led Zeppelin songs, which is not a bad thing.  In fact, they still get compared to Zeppelin all the time.

    However, once I bought all their music, I discovered they are very much a band that could have time traveled from the 70s into the present or vice versa, which again, is not a bad thing.

    They are not a Zeppelin clone or anyone’s clone.  They are just a young band with a retro sound, but again, that’s not a bad thing.  I love it.

    And their latest album, Starcatcher, is a natural follow up to all their previously released albums.

    They have remained consistent but yet are still growing.

    All the band members are brothers, except for one member, and they’ve known him forever.

    This band is still young, but I can tell you that their music is very big sounding.

    They are a phenomenal live band.  They have a big rock show and their fans are sooooo into them.  They know every word to every song and in my mind, aside from Foo Fighters, they are the biggest rock band in the world right now.

    Us rock fans need more bands like Greta Van Fleet.

    And I think we have several great ones out there now (The Struts, Dirty Honey, Mammoth WVH, Rival Sons, Lost Hearts, Classless Act, just to name a few).

    I have not been this hopeful about the future of rock maybe ever.  But I am now.

    So rock on Greta Van Fleet and keep doing what you’re doing.

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    Dirty Honey “EP/LP” Review

    I had heard of the band Dirty Honey for awhile, but had not heard much of their music.

    I recently bought their self-titled EP and self-titled debut full length album and I must say I really like them a lot!!

    Singer Marc Labelle, Guitarist John Notto, Bassist Justin Smolian, and Drummer Corey Coverstone are everything I want in a rock band.

    Just straight up, no frills, loud, great singing and playing. 

    They are the real deal.

    I’m excited for their next album, Can’t Find The Brakes, which is out November 3, and I’ll be seeing them December 11 in Columbus, OH.

    If you’re a fan of basic hard rock bands, this is the band for you.

    Seek out their music and go see them.

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    Mammoth WVH “Mammoth II” Album Review

    Multi-Instrumentalist Wolfgang Van Halen (Bassist of the band Van Halen) has released his second Mammoth WVH solo album, called Mammoth II.

    His first solo album, Mammoth WVH, was my favorite album of the year for 2021.

    This album I think is the natural follow up.

    Aside from one guitar solo, Wolfgang plays, sings, and writes everything, like he does on his first solo album.

    He is such a phenomenal talent.

    Yes he’s a great musician, but he is a phenomenal singer/songwriter.

    He is one of the best newer artists out there today and I believe he has a great future ahead of him.

    Keep on rocking sir!!

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    The Seven Decades Tour: Jethro Tull Concert Review

    I’ve seen many concerts (I don’t know how many) in the last 25 years.

    I’ve seen most of my favorites.  However, there are still a few I have not seen.

    And Sunday night of August 20, 2023, this was another first for me.

    I finally saw Jethro Tull.

    Ian Anderson (Lead singer/Flute player/main songwriter/leader) is still putting out new albums (RokFlote came out earlier this year and I must say I really like it.), and his band are just so great.

    Some don’t like the band anymore because Ian’s vocal range is not what it used to be.  But I still think he sounds good and he’s found a range he’s comfortable with.  So I don’t have a problem with it.  He’s still giving it his all and seems to be having fun.  He’s a great performer.

    Lots of fun visuals, some good stories (Ian mentioned The Eagles’ song Hotel California as having some of the same chord changes in his song We Used To Know he wrote earlier than they did their song.  It was all in good fun, but I saw what he meant when I heard the solo.  Definitely similar.  Also, during We Used To Know, the font of the song title on the screen video looked like the Hotel California font.  Pretty funny.), and basically, everything I love about music and concerts in general.

    He and the band delivered.

    If you’re a fan, I recommend going to the show. 

    No openers, and two sets.

    Not that I meant to keep track but Set 1 started at 7:30 PM and ended at 8:20 PM.  They had a 20 minute intermission and then came back on from 8:40 PM to 9:34 PM.

    Very fun night.

    Keep on rocking Ian and the guys in Jethro Tull!!

    Jethro Tull Band Members:

    Set Lists-Set 1:

    1. Nothing Is Easy
    2. We Used To Know
    3. Heavy Horses
    4. Sweet Dream
    5. Hunt By Numbers
    6. Holly Herald
    7. Hammer on Hammer
    8. Mine is the Mountain
    9. Bourree in E Minor (Johann Sebastian Bach Cover)

    Set 2:

    1. Farm on the Freeway
    2. The Navigators
    3. Pavane in F-Sharp Minor (Gabriel Faure Cover)
    4. The Zealot Gene
    5. Dark Ages
    6. Aqualung
    7. Encore:  Locomotive Breath

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    My Review of “Metallica M72 World Tour Live in Cinemas” Night 1

    I went to my local theater in Ashland, Kentucky to see Night 1 of a live Metallica concert film.

    It really was live, shown in at least 2,500 theaters throughout the U.S.

    This was night 1 of 2 concerts they are doing in Dallas, TX on August 18 and August 20 of 2023 (one repeat of each show is being shown in the same theaters the following night after each one).

    The show started at 9 PM CT (10 PM ET where I was) and of course if you’re a Metallica fan, you know they are phenomenal live.

    Well, they still are phenomenal live.

    They give you everything they have and never disappoint.

    It was great seeing and hearing them on the big screen and multiple speakers.

    My only complaint is that I should have arrived at the theater shortly before 10 PM instead of 9:15 PM because I had to sit through 45 minutes of crowd shots, audio of various artists covering Metallica, and people in the live crowd doing the wave (which I hate and have never understood).  Also, music was playing over people talking in promo ads, which eventually was fixed.  And, sometimes the audio was distorted.

    Aside from that, it was great.

    I’ll be at the second night, but I’ll be at the repeat one since I’ll be seeing Jethro Tull for real in concert Sunday night of August 20.  This I find kind of funny and ironic because Jethro Tull unfortunately beat out Metallica for a Metal Grammy in the late 80s.  I say unfortunate because Jethro Tull are NOT a Metal band.  But they are a good rock band though.

    Either way, kind of funny.

    Set List:

    1. Creeping Death
    2. Harvester of Sorrow
    3. Leper Messiah
    4. King Nothing
    5. Lux Aeterna
    6. Too Far Gone?
    7. Kirk and Robert Jam/Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
    8. Shadows Follow
    9. Orion
    10. Kirk Doodle/Nothing Else Matters
    11. Sad But True
    12. The Day That Never Comes
    13. Hardwired
    14. Fuel
    15. Seek And Destroy
    16. Master of Puppets

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    Great Weekend: My time at Huntington Comic & Toy Convention 2023

    I went to the third year of the Huntington Comic & Toy Convention.  I’ve been to all three.

    It is located in Huntington, WV at Mountain Health Arena (once called the Big Sandy Superstore Arena and for many years before that, the Huntington Civic Center).

    It was founded by the owner of a great store(s) called The Inner Geek (in Ashland, KY and Huntington, WV), who also owns Lexington Comic & Toy Convention in Lexington, KY.

    Greatly run organization.

    They get great guests and vendors and have great turnouts.

    This year, they had Corey Taylor (the singer of Slipknot/Stone Sour/Solo Artist and is also an author), the CHIPs TV show cast (Larry Wilcox, Erik Estrada, and Robert Pine), Tom Kenny (Spongebob), wrestling legend Hacksaw Jim Duggan, and many more.

    I specifically was there this time to see Corey, the CHIPs cast, and Hacksaw.

    None of them disappointed.

    All very kind and gracious people.

    Corey, as popular as he is, is very chill and laid back and talks to everyone. 

    I got him to sign my favorite Slipknot CD (Volume 3 The Subliminal Verses) and when I told him that’s my favorite, he said “oh yeah there’s some good shit on there”. 

    I later got my picture taken with him.  Again, very chill and friendly.  He’s a great and talented guy.

    The CHIPs guys are so kind to everyone.  Erik especially is very engaging to everyone and funny.  Actually all of them are funny.  I got my picture taken with them on the first day and went to their Q&A the second day.

    When I was getting my picture taken with them, they all loved my Chuck Norris shirt I was wearing and were quoting it (It’s an illustration and it says America, Chuck Yeah!), and Robert Pine even said I was “bad” and “you’re the man”.  Awesome!!

    All of them were very kind and all shook my hand.  Erik even said he met Chuck at another convention the previous weekend.  We both agreed that Chuck is the best.

    The Q&A on the second day was really fun too.  Erik was a little earlier than Larry and Robert so he was already taking questions.

    So, I asked him about the CHIPs reunion movie he, Larry and Robert did in the late 90s called CHIPs 99. 

    He said he was not wild about the newest reboot that happened in 2017 (the rest of them hated it too) but Erik thought CHIPs 99 was fun. 

    He liked the story and thought it was good.  He also said he was surprised I had it because he said it was no longer available.  Well maybe it wasn’t, but it is now (you can buy it on Amazon).

    I asked Larry and Robert about CHIPs 99 too after they arrived and they both liked it too. 

    Erik talked a lot about his experiences of actually being a policeman (still is one in Virginia)  He’s very passionate about that.

    All of them talked about their favorite CHIPs episodes, about the stuff they obtained from the show when it ended (Erik got a motorcycle, Larry really did alright with cars, and Robert got the podium he used on the show and jokingly said about Larry getting all these cars, that he just got a bicycle). 

    They were asked if they watched the show in reruns ever, and for the most part, the answer was no, but that they were very grateful that they had that job and that the show was so successful.

    In fact, Erik said more than once that the show should have lasted a lot longer because it was really popular. 

    Although Larry had a funny story about watching reruns:  he asked his wife to sit down with him a few years ago and watch the show for a few minutes.  So they did and he told his wife at one point “do you want to see the hunk?”  Meaning him. Hahaha.

    I could say more but in a nutshell, they’re great people and I highly recommend meeting them someday at an event like this if you can.

    Larry shook my hand again when the Q&A was over.

    And Hacksaw is supremely kind.  I can’t say enough how kind he is, however, here is my story with him. 

    When me and another huge fan were in line to get our pictures taken with Hacksaw on the first day of the event (it runs two days), before the pictures happened, Hacksaw came right up to us and engaged with us, asked questions, and thanked us for being fans.

    He said to come and visit his table afterwards, so I did.  When I did, he asked to see our picture together and he thought it turned out great. 

    I told him that unfortunately I was out of money so I couldn’t afford anything signed, but he said that’s alright and that he wanted to sign the picture anyways.  And he did!!

    He asked if I was going to be there the second day, and I said yes.  He then said to come visit again.  So I did. 

    Nothing signed this time, but again, he was very kind and I showed him my original toy of him that I believe my Dad bought for me when I was 8 or 9, and he was impressed with how great of condition it still is. 

    I again said sorry I can’t afford anything now but he said “well I took good care of you yesterday”.  And I said yes and thanked him multiple times.

    He thanked me multiple times for being a fan of the old days of wrestling.

    And that right there is basically my experience at this year’s Huntington Comic & Toy Convention. 

    Great organization, great guests, great vendors.

    Thank you everyone.

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