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    Fast as a Shark!: Accept Concert Review

    ACCEPT were phenomenal at The KING of CLUBS
    Loved every second of it.
    Lots of old songs. Lots of newer songs.
    Singer Mark Tornillo is phenomenal.
    Lead Guitarist Wolf Hoffman is the riffmaster.
    The band is just tight and solid, musically.
    Great night.

    Accept Band Members:

    Accept Set List:

    1. Zombie Apocalypse
    2. Symphony of Pain
    3. Restless and Wild
    4. London Leatherboys
    5. Midnight Mover
    6. Overnight Sensation
    7. Son of a Bitch
    8. Objection Overruled
    9. Demon’s Night/Starlight/Losers and Winners/Flash Rockin’ Man
    10. Breaker
    11. The Undertaker
    12. Princess of the Dawn
    13. Fast as a Shark
    14. Metal Heart
    15. Teutonic Terror
    16. Pandemic
    17. Encore:  Hung Drawn and Quartered
    18. Balls to the Wall
    19. I’m A Rebel

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    Pay Attention!!: My Scarefest Horror & Paranormal Convention 2022 Experience

    Wow what a Saturday. I went to ScareFest Horror & Paranormal Convention 2022 in Lexington and met a bunch of awesome people.
    Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger), Kane Hodder (Jason), Lance Henriksen (The Terminator, Near Dark, Pumpkinhead, Aliens, Alien 3, Hard Target, The Quick and The Dead, Millenium, Alien vs Predator and so much more, and Robert Patrick (Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Die Hard 2, The Sopranos, The X Files, We Are Marshall, Scorpion,Peacemaker and so much more).
    I saw a lot of other cool people too.
    I truly felt the blade of Robert’s Freddy nails, Kane truly choked me a bit (He does that during photo ops often, which I think is pretty awesome!  Although I have a complaint about him which I’ve typed below this.), Lance really talked to me, and Patrick was cool too.
    When I was waiting in line to get my picture taken with Englund, he was walking along and stopped and looked at a Freddy lookalike girl and said to her “pay attention!”. Really cool.
    I was able to ask Kane a question at a Q&A that was about a video game he’s part of. I asked him about Jason X, which I really like.  I said above that I enjoyed the phot op with Kane, and I am a fan of his work, but after he answered my question, he said to the crowd “Ron Jeremy ladies and gentlemen!” in reference to me.  Now, I know he has a smart aleck sense of humor, but I did nothing to deserve that.  And being compared to someone who is spending the rest of his life in prison on rape charges is NOT funny.  That was my only negative about this experience.
    I have two pictures with Lance because I think he got somewhat distracted briefly and he insisted the photographer take another picture. So I got two pictures!
    When I went to his autograph line (he signed a picture of his character in The Terminator), he told me he enjoyed working with Paul Winfield (RIP) in that movie and when I told him some of the lines, he gave me one back too.
    And I guess he saw my Chuck Norris Lonewolf hat from The Expendables 2 and asked me if I was in the military.
    I told him I wasn’t but I told him about my Pawpaw being a paratrooper and my Aunt Garnie being a nurse in World War 2.
    He seemed very interested and impressed with what I was saying and he told me he had been in the Navy.
    I wish I had told him thank you for your service but I forgot.
    But anyways, he took the time to speak to me and every fan in line.
    He had a quite a line too and it was slow at times because some fans he spoke to for 10 minutes which is unheard of at events like this.
    But it’s great because he truly cares.
    He was worth the price of admission alone.
    What a great day, other than Kane Hodder comparing me to Ron Jeremy.  Not funny Kane. 

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    Jeff Beck’s (RIP) Last Tour: Jeff Beck and Johnny Depp (Yes that Johnny Depp) Concert Review

    Half the show was just the phenomenal Jeff Beck and his Incredible band playing some of Jeff’s classics.
    Then Johnny Depp (yes the actor) came out and sang/played with Jeff and his band.
    They played some of the songs from their great new album 18 (check it out!!!) and some other awesome stuff.
    Jeff is one of the greatest guitar players ever and he always has phenomenal musicians with him.
    Some may think Johnny Depp being in Jeff’s world is weird but I actually think it works.
    Johnny actually is a really good singer.
    This was such a great concert and a great way to end my very busy but fun weekend.
    More concerts to come.
    Edit:  Sadly, on January 10 of 2023, Jeff Beck passed away.  This was sadly his last ever tour. I’m glad I got to see him twice.   He will be forever missed.

    Set List:

    1. Freeway Jam
    2. Loose Cannon
    3. Midnight Walker
    4. Big Block
    5. Caroline, No
    6. You Know You Know
    7. Me and the Devil Blues
    8. Star Cycle
    9. Brush With the Blues
    10. You Never Know
    11. Cause We’ve Ended as Lovers
    12. Rumble
    13. This is a Song For Miss Hedy Lamarr 
    14. Isolation 
    15. Time
    16. Venus in Furs
    17. A Day in the Life
    18. Encore:  Corpus Christi Carol
    19. Little Wing
    20. The Death and Resurrection Show

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    I Hear Music!!: King’s X Concert Review

    They’re one of those bands that should be bigger then they are.
    But they’ve made many great albums (newest release was last month), and they sound so great live.
    Still the same 3 guys.
    Singer/bassist Dug Pinnick, guitarist/singer Ty Tabor and drummer Jerry Gaskill.
    Phenomenal band.
    I’m glad I finally saw them.

    King's X Band Members:

    King's X Set List:

    1. Groove Machine
    2. The World Around Me
    3. Pillow
    4. Flies and Blue Skies
    5. Vegetable
    6. All God’s Children
    7. Flood Pt. 1
    8. Nothing But the Truth
    9. Give It Up
    10. Let It Rain
    11. Festival
    12. Pray
    13. Watcher
    14. We Were Born to  Be Loved
    15. Encore:  Dogman
    16. King
    17. Goldilox

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    Phenomenal!!: Michael Schenker/Eric Martin Concert Review

    Holy cow what a concert!
    My girlfriend and I saw Michael Schenker: 50th Anniversary
    The great guitarist Michael Schenker and his phenomenal band, singer Eric Martin of Mr. Big opened, as well as a band we saw open for Yngwie Malmsteen last year, Images Of Eden.
    Mariah Startzman and I had a ball!!
    She’s been wanting to see Michael for some time now and he did not disappoint. I’m glad you saw him Mariah.
    This was my second time seeing him.
    He’s one of the best guitarists ever.
    Not an opinion. It’s a fact.
    Eric Martin and his band played a great, but short set as did Images Of Eden.
    This was definitely my favorite concert this year so far.
    I’ll do it again Friday and Saturday.

    Michael Schenker Band Members:

    Eric Martin Band Members:

    Images of Eden Band Members:

    Michael Schenker Set List:

    1. Into The Arena
    2. Cry For The Nations
    3. Doctor Doctor
    4. We Are The Voice
    5. Looking For Love
    6. Red Sky
    7. Sail The Darkness
    8. Emergency
    9. Lights Out
    10. Armed And Ready
    11. A King Has Gone
    12. Rock Bottom
    13. Shoot Shoot
    14. Let It Roll
    15. Natural Thing
    16. Too Hot To Handle
    17. Only You Can Rock Me

    Eric Martin Set List:

    1. What If We Were New?
    2. Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy (The Electric Drill Song)
    3. Alive And Kickin’
    4. Take Cover
    5. Wild World
    6. Dancin’ With My Devils

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