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    My 9th KISS: KISS Concert Review

    Thank you KISS for everything.
    My favorite band ever.
    All albums.
    All lineups.
    I love it all.
    This was the 9th time I saw them.
    First time seeing them in Dayton, Ohio, though.
    My friend John Robinette was with me.
    We had a great time.
    I love KISS and I always will.
    Oh and it was their drummer Eric Singer’s birthday.
    Happy Birthday Eric!! You’re the man.

    KISS Band Members:

    KISS Set List:

    1. Detroit Rock City
    2. Shout It Out Loud
    3. Deuce
    4. War Machine
    5. Heaven’s On Fire
    6. I Love It Loud
    7. Say Yeah
    8. Cold Gin
    9. Guitar Solo
    10. Lick It Up
    11. Calling Dr. Love
    12. Tears Are Falling
    13. Psycho Circus (most of it)
    14. Drum Solo/100,000 Years ending
    15. Bass Solo/God Of Thunder
    16. Love Gun
    17. I Was Made For Loving You
    18. Black Diamond
    19. Encore:  Beth
    20. Happy Birthday Eric!!!!
    21. Do You Love Me
    22. Rock And Roll All Nite

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    3 Thrash Classics: Testament/Exodus/Death Angel Concert Review

    Wow what a concert in Covington, Kentucky at the Madison Theater
    These are three bands still at the top of their game.
    All still making great new albums.
    All still great live.
    My cousin Zachary and I had a great time.
    Thank you to all the bands for the great concert and for all the great albums you’ve made and will make.

    Testament Band Members:

    Exodus Band Members:

    Death Angel Band Members:

    Testament Set List:

    1. Children Of The Next Level
    2. The Pale King
    3. Practice What You Preach
    4. The New Order
    5. WWIII
    6. Eyes Of Wrath
    7. D.N.R. (Do Not Resuscitate)
    8. Legions Of The Dead
    9. Electric Crown
    10. Bass Solo
    11. Souls Of Black
    12. Night Of The Witch
    13. Over The Wall
    14. Into The Pit
    15. Disciples Of The Watch

    Exodus Set List:

    1. The Beatings Will Continue (Until Morale Improves)
    2. A Lesson In Violence
    3. Blood In Blood Out
    4. The Years Of Death and Dying
    5. Deathamphetamine
    6. Blacklist
    7. Piranha
    8. Prescribing Horror
    9. Bonded By Blood
    10. The Toxic Waltz
    11. Strike Of The Beast

    Death Angel Set List:

    1. The Ultra Violence (Intro)
    2. The Evil Priest
    3. Voracious Souls
    4. Seemingly Endless Time
    5. Claws In So Deep
    6. The Dream Calls For Blood
    7. The Moth
    8. Humanicide
    9. Thrown To The Wolves

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