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    My Name is On a Documentary!!

    Hi everyone.
    I have something very cool to post, so here it goes:
    On Friday, I received a very cool and inspiring documentary DVD called The Resurrection Of Jake The Snake.
    A couple of years ago, one of my favorite professional wrestlers growing up, Jake “The Snake” Roberts (real name Aurelian Smith), reached out for help to another famous wrestler turned fitness expert, Diamond Dallas Page.
    Jake has had major drug and alcohol problems over the years and really did need help.
    However, with DDP’s help, Jake was able to make a major and phenomenal turn around in his life.
    He got clean and got back in shape.
    And most importantly, he got his life and his family back.
    This entire process was filmed and was later edited down into a documentary, which has received major buzz and is now starting to finally be seen on home video, ITunes, Google Play, etc.
    Anyway, to make a long story short, albeit an inspirational one, during this period, Jake needed to undergo shoulder surgery, but did not have insurance or enough money to pay for the surgery, which cost about $8,000.
    So, DDP came up with this campaign through an organization called Indiegogo, in which people could pitch in money to help pay for Jake’s surgery.
    And in return, they would get some perks, or prizes, if you will.
    Depending on how much you paid, you would get anything from a call from Jake, to an autographed picture, DVD with his matches, a shirt, a trip to see and hang out with Jake, and a mention in the documentary credits if it would ever come out.
    Well, I was one of the people who pitched in, and within the first 24 hours of the Indiegogo campaign being launched, almost all the amount of money it would cost to pay for Jake’s surgery had been raised.
    For the fee that I paid ($100), I got a personal phone call from Jake (four calls, actually, but more on that shortly), an autographed picture of him, a shirt of him, a DVD with several of his wrestling matches, and my name is on the end credits of the documentary.
    Pretty cool, I think.
    Most importantly, though, Jake got the help he needed, and for the most part, has been great ever since.
    Again, I grew up a fan of his and actually saw him when I was 8 years old at a wrestling show in Huntington, WV.
    As a fan, I was interested in the perks, of course, but most importantly, I just felt like helping him, even in a small way.
    I wanted him to get better.
    Thank goodness, he finally did.
    Like I said earlier, Jake actually called me not once, but four times, and unfortunately, had to leave a voice mail for three of those calls.
    This was because I had a bad phone at the time, and I didn’t hear or feel it when it rang.
    When I did finally pick up the third time, I first apologized to him for my bad phone.
    He was very nice to me and told me he appreciated my pitching in to help him.
    I told him I was a lifelong fan and that I was happy for him and proud of him.
    I actually later met him, too, and told him again how happy and proud I was for him.
    He thanked me again and complimented me on my shirt (I was wearing the one he sent me).
    Anyway, even if you are not a wrestling fan, I strongly urge you to seek out this documentary.
    Once again, it’s called The Resurrection Of Jake The Snake.
    Trust me, it will inspire you and may even bring a tear to your eye.
    It certainly did me.
    Love & Peace,
    P.S. Here is a picture of the DVD cover of the documentary, a screen shot I took of my name in the list of “thank you” credits at the end of the documentary, and a picture of me with one of my heroes, the man himself, Jake “The Snake” Roberts.

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    Women Rock!! Halestorm/Lita Ford/Dorothy Concert Review

    Women Rock!!
    You know why? Because they do.
    I saw a few awesome women that rock last night at a concert in Huntington, WV.
    I went to see Halestorm, Lita Ford, and a newer band called Dorothy.
    All are fronted by women and are all amazing.
    The band Dorothy started the show with some in your face bluesy hard rock.
    Great musicianship and their singer Dorothy Martin has an amazing voice.
    They only have one EP out so far, but I recommend checking them out.
    Next up was the legendary Lita Ford.
    As much as I really like Halestorm, seeing Lita was my main reason for going to this concert.
    As a former member of the all girl group The Runaways and later becoming a successful solo artist, Lita Ford is one of the best at what she does.
    She sings, writes, and plays guitar.
    All very well, too.
    She played many great songs of her catalog, including Kiss Me Deadly, Close My Eyes Forever, Can’t Catch Me (She dedicated this song to co-writer Lemmy Kilmister, the leader of the band Motorhead, who passed away this year), and Back To The Cave, just to name a few.
    I was glad I finally got to see her.
    I have now seen two members of The Runaways (I saw Joan Jett last year and will again this summer!!)
    Her band is very good, too.
    Especially her drummer, Bobby Rock.
    For you KISS fans like me, you may know Bobby Rock as the drummer of ex KISS guitarist Vinnie Vincent’s band The Vinnie Vincent Invasion.
    This band also spawned the band Slaughter.
    Anyway, Lita is still rocking like no other and I hope she never stops.
    She also just put out a great new book called Living Like A Runaway, and has a new album coming out very soon called Time Capsule.
    Check them out.
    Lita Rocks!!!
    Now to the headliner Halestorm.
    I had actually seen Halestorm once before in Huntington in 2013 open for Godsmack and Staind.
    Halestorm just get better and better.
    They are sooo good.
    They played many songs from their newest album, Into The Wild Life, as well as other many great songs of theirs.
    They even played a deep Judas Priest song called Genocide, which is on one of their EPs.
    The band’s lead singer, Lzzy Hale, is in a league of her own.
    She is a phenomenal singer, guitarist, and writer.
    I can honestly say she can sing anything, and it would be amazing.
    If you have not heard Halestorm or seen them, I cannot recommend them enough.
    In fact, I recommend checking out all of these artists.
    They are all great.
    Again, Women Rock!!!
    I hope you have enjoyed reading this.
    More reviews to come this year.
    Love and Peace,

    Halestorm Band Members:

    Lita Ford Band Members:

    Dorothy Band Members:

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