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    Mr. Roboto: Dennis DeYoung Concert Review

    Well I’ve now scratched off another huge bucket list concert.
    Dennis DeYoung, singer/songwriter/keyboardist/leader of Styx!!
    I’ve seen his Styx bandmates twice before (they split from him in 1999), but I had not seen Dennis.
    Until this past night.
    I didn’t have the best spot at the place (Columbus Commons), but it was the best I could do.
    But it’s ok. I could still see/hear everything.
    And boy did I!!
    Dennis and his great band were accompanied by the Columbus Symphony Orchestra. Pretty cool.
    Some classical interludes were played occasionally throughout the show.
    But the main part were the Styx songs and one solo song Dennis and his band perform.
    It’s mostly Styx songs Dennis sings/wrote, but his band also does some Styx songs that are sung/written by classic Styx member Tommy Shaw.
    Dennis has two guitarists, like Styx, and they play the parts well and the one guitarist sings just like Tommy.
    Dennis also had his wife Suzanne there too. They are close to celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. Great for them!
    Phenomenal concert.
    Dennis is 72 and his voice is still as great as ever.
    I think he is very underrated as a talent and deserves more attention and respect than he gets.
    He does not do just ballads. He has plenty of rock songs in his repertoire too.
    He also has a great sense of humor.
    Go look at his Facebook page and you’ll see.
    I can’t wait to buy his new album, which he said should be finished later this year.
    Anyway, I could go on and on about this guy, but I’ll end here just by saying once again that this is the stuff I live for.
    I love music, movies, ComicCons, and most especially, seeing my musical idols in concert.
    All of this is fuel to keep me going and this stuff is about the ONLY things that truly make me happy.
    And that’s it.
    Here is Dennis’ setlists. He had a slight intermission and I bought a cool shirt.

    Set Lists:

    Set 1:

    1. The Grand Illusion
    2. Lady
    3. Lorelei
    4. Blue Collar Man
    5. Desert Moon
    6. Too Much Time On My Hands
    7. Don’t Let It End

    Set 2:

    1. Mr. Roboto
    2. Babe
    3. Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man)/Sing For The Day (part of it)
    4. Prelude 12/Suite Madame Blue
    5. The Best Of Times
    6. Renegade
    7. Come Sail Away

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    Show Me The Way: Peter Frampton/Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin Evening Concert Review

    Another fun concert.
    I went with my Aunt Kim Keffer and friend Barry Gillum to see Peter Frampton and Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin Evening.
    I had seen Jason and his band many times, and they’re always great (as they were at this too), but this was my first time seeing Frampton.
    I’m glad I finally did.
    Lots of hits, cool covers, jamming, and just a great rocking night.
    Next up for me is Dennis DeYoung of Styx tonight!!
    I live for this!

    Peter Frampton Set List:

    1. Baby (Somethin’s Happening)
    2. Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I’m Yours)
    3. Lines On My Face
    4. Show Me The Way
    5. The Lodger
    6. Georgia (On My Mind)
    7. Me And My Guitar
    8. Same Old Blues
    9. Breaking All The Rules
    10. Black Hole Sun (Instrumental)
    11. (I’ll Give You) Money
    12. Baby, I Love Your Way
    13. Do You Feel Like We Do
    14. Encore: Four Day Creep
    15. I Don’t Need No Doctor
    16. While My Guitar Gently Weeps

    Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Evening Set List:

    1. Immigrant Song
    2. Good Times Bad Times
    3. Over The Hills And Far Away
    4. What Is And What Should Never Be
    5. The Ocean
    6. Ramble On
    7. Whole Lotta Love
    8. Rock And Roll
    9. Stairway To Heaven

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    Prog Rock at it’s Finest: Yes/ASIA/John Lodge/Carl Palmer’s ELP Legacy Concert Review

    Phenomenal concert!
    Carl Palmer’s ELP Legacy (with vocalist Arthur Brown). Carl is the last surviving member of Emerson, Lake, And Palmer, the drummer of Asia, and The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown.
    John Lodge (co-singer/bassist for The Moody Blues).
    Lots of music/musicality, not a lot of wasted time in between sets, lots of double duty (Yes and Asia are almost the same band), Carl played two sets (ELP Legacy and Asia), and amazing singing and songs.
    All the musicians are extraordinary.
    Just to watch Yes/ASIA guitarist Steve Howe, drummer Carl Palmer, and bassist Billy Sherwood (Yes, ASIA), were worth the trip alone.
    Bumblefoot sings the ASIA songs really well.
    Current Yes singer Jon Davison sings the Yes songs really well.
    Seeing Arthur Brown (The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown) was a hoot.
    I saw the drummer who played on John Lennon’s Imagine (Yes drummer Alan White, who only plays some of Yes’ set, they have another drummer). Yes covered Imagine at this show.
    Seeing John Lodge again was cool (saw him get inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame last year with The Moody Blues and perform there with them).
    Keyboardist for Yes and ASIA is Geoff Downes, who is also one of The Buggles (they had the first music video on MTV, Video Killed The Radio Star, ASIA played it at this show).
    Yes/ASIA/Uriah Heep artist Roger Dean was there selling artwork.
    Just a great night of bands and amazing musicality.
    This is what I live for people!!
    Two concerts next weekend.
    Stay tuned for those.

    Yes Set List:

    1. Intro-The Firebird Song)
    2. No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed
    3. Tempus Fugit
    4. Going For The One
    5. I’ve Seen All Good People
    6. Clap
    7. Siberian Khatru
    8. Onward
    9. America
    10. The Gates Of Delirium
    11. Encore: Imagine
    12. Roundabout

    ASIA Set List:

    1. Go
    2. Don’t Cry
    3. Video Killed The Radio Star
    4. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes
    5. Lucky Man
    6. Wildest Dreams
    7. Sole Survivor
    8. Only Time Will Tell
    9. Heat Of The Moment

    John Lodge Set List:

    1. Steppin’ In A Slide Zone
    2. Saved By The Music
    3. Legend Of A Mind
    4. Gemini Dream
    5. Isn’t Life Strange
    6. I’m Just A Singer (In A Rock And Roll Band)
    7. Ride My See-Saw

    Carl Palmer’s ELP Legacy Set List:

    1. Karn Evil 9: 1st Impression Part 2
    2. Hoedown
    3. Knife-Edge
    4. Fire
    5. Fanfare For The Common Man

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    Quite the Birthday: Jeff Lynne’s ELO Concert Review/William Shatner Cameo

    Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes. I don’t deserve them but thank you!
    My day started off bad because I had to buy two new tires but later on it got better
    First, I got a video card from William Shatner!! Courtesy of Steve Beverly! Thank you again sir (video below)!!
    Second, I spent the evening with friends Chris Perkins and Kevin Montavon at a Jeff Lynne’s ELO concert!!
    Dhani Harrison (George’s son) opened and he and his band sounded very good.
    But the main event was ELO.
    Every Song was great! The mix was great. The visuals were great. I say this a lot but this was one of my favorite concerts.
    Jeff and his band are phenomenal!!
    A perfect way to spend my birthday.
    I can’t wait for all the other upcoming events I will see and people I will meet.
    I live for this stuff.
    But again, thank you for all the birthday wishes, thanks to Kevin for buying me my ticket, and I’m glad I was able to make my friend Chris’ dream true, which was to see ELO.
    Until next time,
    Lucas Hannon
    Here is the setlist plus pictures, and the video card.

    Jeff Lynne's ELO Set List:

    1. Standin’ In The Rain
    2. Evil Woman
    3. All Over The World
    4. Showdown
    5. Do Ya
    6. When I Was A Boy
    7. Livin’ Thing
    8. Handle With Care (with Dhani Harrison)
    9. Rockaria!
    10. Last Train To London
    11. Eldorado Overture
    12. Can’t Get It Out Of My Head
    13. 10538 Overture
    14. Shine A Little Love
    15. Wild West Hero
    16. Sweet Talkin’ Woman
    17. Telephone Line
    18. Don’t Bring Me Down
    19. Turn To Stone
    20. Mr., Blue Sky
    21. Encore: Roll Over Beethoven

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