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    Not a Great Night: Dee Snider (Missed His Set)/Dokken/Warrant Concert Review

    I was sooooo looking forward to this show.

    Dee Snider of Twisted Sister recently released a PHENOMENAL solo album called For The Love Of Metal, which may be my album of the year, and I found out he, Dokken and Warrant (two bands I had yet to see) were playing a show together.

    Well I had to go.

    My best friend went with me and we met another friend of ours there.

    The show started out fine.

    Warrant played first, and I must say, even without singer Jani Lane (R.I.P.), they are still awesome.

    Singer Robert Mason sings these songs very well and the rest of the band (all original members, guitarists Erik Turner and Joey Allen, bassist Jerry Dixon and drummer Steven Sweet) is tight and rocking.

    They’re still putting out great new albums too.

    Great set.

    Then Dokken took the stage and they were really good too.

    They are one of my favorites, and being able to see classic members, singer Don Dokken and drummer “Wild” Mick Brown, was quite a treat.

    Their guitarist Jon Levin plays George Lynch’s guitar parts perfectly, and bassist Chris McCarvill is solid as a rock.

    Now, after Dokken’s set, this is when the night basically ends for us.

    My best friend unfortunately had a health crisis (I’m not going into detail) and so we had to take him to the hospital.

    All ended up being OK thank goodness (again I’m not giving any details because it’s not my place to say it), but we ended up missing Dee’s set.

    I’ll just say this:  If you’re going to drink, drink responsibly.  And if you can’t, DON’T!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dokken Set List:

    1. Kiss Of Death
    2. The Hunter
    3. Into The Fire
    4. Dream Warriors
    5. Breaking The Chains
    6. Alone Again
    7. In My Dreams
    8. Tooth And Nail

    Warrant Set List:

    1. Sure Feels Good To Me
    2. Down Boys
    3. D.R.F.S.R.
    4. Louder Harder Faster
    5. Heaven
    6. Uncle Tom’s Cabin
    7. Cherry Pie

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    Hard Rock and Metal Legends: Deep Purple/Judas Priest Concert Review

    I saw the first night of the Deep Purple/Judas Priest American tour.
    I’ve seen both of these bands before but never on the same night.
    As usual, both were great.
    The crowd was more into Priest and actually many left after they finished, but many still stayed for Purple.
    I certainly stayed for all and had a blast.
    Priest came on and just crushed it like always.
    Sadly, classic guitarist/leader Glenn Tipton was not there, but they had him up on the screens during their classic song Painkiller.
    The reason he is not always with them now is because he has Parkinson’s.
    But having said that, he is still in the band, is on their new album Firepower, which they played three songs from, and plays with them when he can.
    But the show must go on and it certainly is.
    Rob Halford, one of my biggest heroes and people in life, is still The Metal God and always will be.
    He’ll be 67 Saturday and his voice is still phenomenal.
    The band, guitarists Richie Faulkner and Andy Sneap (also one of the best music producers ever), bassist Ian Hill, and drummer Scott Travis is beyond solid and the songs are classic.
    They did play a few deep tracks, too, including Sinner and Bloodstone.
    I can’t say enough about Judas Priest. One of my favorite bands.
    This was my 6th time seeing them and I don’t think my last.
    Now to Deep Purple. Again, I get why some may think “man Priest need to close the show”.
    I don’t disagree, but I’m okay with it.
    Why? Because Purple are one of my favorite bands as well.
    Also, because Purple have been around longer. They already had several albums and were big before Priest had one album.
    So even though at this show the crowd was pro Priest, there were still a lot of people who stayed for
    Purple and had a great time.
    They’re both classic, but both very different.
    But I love the lineup. Two of my favorite bands in one night?! I can’t resist.
    Purple played several classics.
    The band are still just so proficient and it’s always great for me seeing them.
    Their drummer, Ian Paice, who has been there since day one, is a beast.
    Singer Ian Gillan and bassist Roger Glover, who have been there forever, are just awesome.
    Their guitarist for almost 25 years, Steve Morse, is quite the shredder.
    And keyboardist Don Airey?! Genius. Look at his discography. Enough said.
    Ok another fun concert.
    I have more to come.
    If my life could just be one continuous concert, I would have it made.
    Love and Peace always.

    Deep Purple Set List:

    1. Highway Star
    2. Pictures Of Home
    3. Bloodsucker
    4. Strange Kind Of Woman
    5. Lazy
    6. Uncommon Man
    7. Knocking At Your Back Door
    8. Keyboard Solo
    9. Perfect Strangers
    10. Space Truckin’
    11. Smoke On The Water
    12. Encore:  Hush

    Judas Priest Set List:

    1. Firepower
    2. Grinder
    3. Sinner
    4. Lightning Strike
    5. Bloodstone
    6. Turbo Lover
    7. Rising From Ruins
    8. Freewheel Burning
    9. You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’
    10. Hell Bent For Leather
    11. Painkiller
    12. Encore: Metal Gods
    13. Breaking The Law
    14. Living After Midnight

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    Classic Rock w/a Capital C: Paul Rodgers/Jeff Beck/Ann Wilson/Deborah Bonham Concert Review

    I saw Paul Rodgers, Jeff Beck, Ann Wilson, and Deborah Bonham (John’s sister) in Cincinnati yesterday.
    Great show!!!!
    Deborah started off with a couple of songs, which was cool, then Ann (still flawless singer) came out and did one Heart song, a new song, and a bunch of cool covers. Most of these songs will be on her new album, Immortal, out next month.
    Jeff Beck, one of the greatest guitarists ever, then came out with his PHENOMENAL band and tore it up!!!
    His band is as great as he is, and that’s saying something. Holy cow!!!!!!
    And then one of the best singers ever, Paul Rodgers, came out and did a set of half Free, and half Bad Company songs. Two of his bands.
    Great show all around.

    Paul Rodgers Set List:

    1. Little Bit Of Love
    2. Can’t Get Enough
    3. Wishing Well
    4. My Brother Jake
    5. Feel Like Makin’ Love
    6. Ready For Love
    7. Movin’ On
    8. Mr. Big
    9. Woman
    10. Fire And Water
    11. Shooting Star
    12. Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy
    13. Encore:  Walk In My Shadow
    14. All Right Now

    Jeff Beck Set List:

    1. Pull It
    2. Stratus
    3. You Know, You Know
    4. Morning Dew
    5. I Have To Laugh
    6. Lonnie On The Move
    7. Mn’a na hE’ireann
    8. Just For Fun
    9. Little Wing
    10. Big Block
    11. Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers
    12. Brush With The Blues
    13. Superstition
    14. A Day In The Life
    15. Encore:  Corpus Christi Carol
    16. Going Down

    Ann Wilson Set List:

    1. The Real Me
    2. Barracuda
    3. Fool No More
    4. Back To Black
    5. I Am The Highway
    6. You Don’t Own Me
    7. Life In The Fast Lane
    8. Won’t Get Fooled Again

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