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    Finally!! I saw Pearl Jam. My Concert Review

    It took me long enough, but I finally saw Pearl Jam.

    My best friend Jamie and I went to Cincinnati to see them.

    It was great, long show.

    Lots and lots of songs.

    They more than give you your money’s worth.

    I don’t think he was drunk, but singer Eddie Vedder was walking around stage throughout the night with a HUGE bottle of wine or something.

    He even shared it with the crowd at one point.

    He even dove out into the audience at one point and he was standing on top of some of them.  They held him up.

    If you’re a Pearl Jam fan and have not seen them, you SHOULD.

    And if you see them multiple times, you will get a different show each time because they always change up the set list.

    Great time.

    Pearl Jam Band Members:

    Pearl Jam Set List:

    1. Pendulum
    2. Nothingman
    3. Of The Girl
    4. Mind Your Manners
    5. Lightning Bolt
    6. Corduroy
    7. Spin The Black Circle
    8. Got Some
    9. Even Flow
    10. Sirens
    11. Love Boat Captain (w/Jumpin’ Jack Flash guitar tease)
    12. Present Time
    13. Daughter
    14. State Of Love And Trust
    15. Waiting On A Friend (The Rolling Stones Cover)
    16. Jeremy
    17. Comatose
    18. Setting Forth (Eddie Vedder Song)
    19. Porch
    20. Encore:  Sleeping By Myself (Eddie Vedder Song)
    21. Man Of The Hour
    22. Parachutes
    23. All Those Yesterdays
    24. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter in a Small Town
    25. Given To Fly
    26. Unthought Known
    27. Do The Evolution
    28. Better Man
    29. Encore 2:  Black 
    30. The Real Me (The Who Cover)
    31. Alive
    32. Rockin’ In The Free World (Neil Young Cover)
    33. Yellow Ledbetter (w/The Star-Spangled Banner)

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