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    Heavy & Loud!: Amon Amarth w/Carcass, Obituary, & Cattle Decapitation Concert Review

    My cousin Zachary and I went to see Amon Amarth/Carcass/Obituary/Cattle Decapitation Sunday night in Cincinnati, Ohio at the Andrew J. Brady Music Center.
    What a great, heavy concert.
    Cattle Decapitation started the show and they were very good.
    Obituary then came on and were really good. One of my favorites of the night.
    Carcass then came on and were solid. This was the second time I’d seen them.
    Then the main event happened: Amon Amarth!!!!
    I told my cousin many years ago I would take him to see them play a headline show.
    I kept my promise.
    And I just wanted to see them too.
    They put on quite a show.
    During a couple of the songs, a lot of the crowd sat down on the floor and acted as if they were rowing a boat.
    See, Amon Amarth’s gimmick is that they’re Vikings and they’re into Viking lore and so part of their stage show appears that their drum set is on a boat.
    Knights even came out a couple of times and fought each other. The singer even battled a dragon at one point with a Thor like hammer!!!
    Aside from very tall people in front of me at times, it was a fun, loud, heavy show. Just how I like it.
    This was a really cool bill and I enjoyed all the bands, but Amon Amarth and Obituary were definitely my favorites.
    I have one more show to see this year: W.A.S.P. Nation (Official) and Armored Saint Wednesday in Columbus, Ohio at The KING of CLUBS.
    I’m actually meeting Armored Saint too which I’m excited about too.
    That will end my 2022 year of concerts, but I’m already booked for several next year and keep eyeing/waiting for more.
    Stay tuned.

    Amon Amarth Band Members:

    Carcass Band Members:

    Obituary Band Members:

    Cattle Decapitation Band Members:

    Amon Amarth Set List:

    1. Guardians of Asgaard
    2. Raven’s Flight
    3. Deceiver of the Gods
    4. Oden Owns You All
    5. The Pursuit of Vikings
    6. The Great Heathen Army
    7. Get in the Ring
    8. Destroyer of the Universe
    9. Put Your Back into the Oar
    10. Cry of the Black Birds
    11. The Way of Vikings
    12. First Kill
    13. Shield Wall
    14. Raise Your Horns
    15. Encore:  Twilight of the Thunder God

    Carcass Set List:

    1. Redneck Stomp
    2. Sentence Day
    3. A Lesson in Vengeance
    4. Visions in My Head
    5. Circle of the Tyrants
    6. The Wrong Time
    7. I’m In Pain
    8. Don’t Care

    Obituary Set List:

    1. Buried Dreams
    2. Kelly’s Meat Emporium
    3. Incarnated Solvent Abuse
    4. Under the Scalpel Blade
    5. This Mortal Coil
    6. Dance of Ixtab (Psychopomp & Circumstance March No. 1 in B)
    7. Genital Grinder
    8. The Scythe’s Remorseless Swing
    9. Corporal Jigsore Quandary
    10. Heartwork
    11. Carneous Cacoffiny (Outro)

    Cattle Decapitation Set List:

    1. The Genocide
    2. Vulturous
    3. Finish Them
    4. We Eat Our Young
    5. Time’s Cruel Curtain
    6. Bring Back the Plague

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    One of the Best Guitarists in the World: Steve Vai Concert Review

    I finally saw Steve Vai in concert.
    In Louisville, Kentucky.
    He and his band sounded phenomenal, playing about 2 hours and 20 minutes.
    For those that don’t know, Steve Vai is a very successful guitarist, having played with Frank Zappa, Alcatrazz, David Lee Roth, Whitesnake, many guest appearances with different artists, and of course, a solo artist.
    Guitarist/Producer Larry Mitchell opened the show and later jammed with Vai near the end.
    Vai had a few good stories to tell, but still let the music go most of the talking.
    Near the end, he even went into the crowd and strapped his guitar onto a fan and played the guitar while she held it. Pretty cool.
    It was another great concert.
    Steve Vai and his band are incredible.
    A good end to a crap week.
    I’ve had a lot of them lately.
    I expect this week to be no different.
    Two more concerts to see this month and then that May be the last ones I see until March.
    We’ll see.

    Steve Vai Band Members:

    Steve Vai Set List:

    1. Avalancha
    2. Giant Balls of Gold
    3. Little Pretty
    4. Tender Surrender
    5. Lights Are On
    6. Bass Solo
    7. Candlepower
    8. Guitar Solo
    9. Building The Church
    10. Greenish Blues
    11. Bad Horsie
    12. I’m Becoming
    13. Whispering A Prayer
    14. Dyin’Day
    15. Drum Solo
    16. Teeth of the Hydra
    17. Zeus in Chains
    18. Liberty
    19. For The Love of God (Beginning of this sung by Opera singer Danny G).

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    Heavy Heavy Heavy!!!: Mercyful Fate/Kreator/Midnight Concert Review

    I had a great time at another concert.
    This time at the Andrew J Brady Music Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. A very nice venue too I must say.
    Midnight is very new to me.
    My cousin Zachary showed me some videos of them recently.
    They’re from Cleveland and wear hoods.
    But they’re a very solid thrash metal band, in my opinion.
    I really enjoyed them and definitely want to check out more of their music.
    Then Kreator played.
    I had seen them in 2013 with Overkill and Warbringer but had not seen them since.
    They’re a German thrash metal band and have put out many albums since the 80s and are still making great albums.
    Live, they’re incredible.
    They really rocked the house.
    Then the one and only MERCYFUL FATE played.
    I’ve been a fan for many years but they had not really toured or done much since the late 90s (their singer King Diamond has a long standing solo career which he’s still doing. One of MF’s guitarists is in his solo band too).
    But MF are also back together too and are making a new album.
    They played one of the new songs at the show.
    They played a great set and had a cool stage show (No they are not satanists. The imagery is just a show.)
    Lead guitarist Hank Sherman is to me the Glenn Tipton (Judas Priest guitarist) of this band. He is out of this world amazing on the guitar.
    And King Diamond, who is known for singing very high and low, sounds just as great as ever.
    Such a great band.
    All 3 bands rocked.
    I have three more concerts to see this month.
    I can’t wait!!
    Am I rich? No.
    Do I spend too much on going to these? Yes.
    Should I not go to as many?
    But I do it because it’s what I live for.
    Not having concerts during the global shutdown really upset me.
    I‘m so glad I can go again.
    I don’t know how many more I have in me but I’m going to continue until I either can’t or there is no one to see anymore.

    Mercyful Fate Band Members:

    Kreator Band Members:

    Midnight Band Members:

    Mercyful Fate Set List:

    1. The Oath
    2. A Corpse Without Soul
    3. The Jackal of Salzburg (New Song)
    4. Curse of the Pharaohs
    5. A Dangerous Meeting
    6. Doomed By the Living Dead
    7. Melissa
    8. Black Evil
    9. Evil 
    10. Come to the Sabbath
    11. Encore:  Satan’s Fall

    Kreator Set List:

    1. Violent Revolution
    2. Hate Uber Alles
    3. Satan Is Real
    4. Awakening of the Gods
    5. Enemy of God
    6. Phantom Antichrist
    7. Strongest of the Strong
    8. Flag of Hate
    9. Pleasure to Kill

    Midnight Set List:

    1. Fucking Speed and Darkness
    2. Rebirth by Blasphemy
    3. Telepathic Nightmare
    4. Szex Witchery
    5. Here Comes Sweet Death
    6. Evil Like A Knife
    7. Lust Filth and Sleaze
    8. You Can’t Stop Steel

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