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    Cruefest 2 Review

    This was the second year of Cruefest, a festival started by Motley Crue in the previous year.

    It only happened in 2008 and 2009 (I’m typing this in 2023.).

    But I went to both years and it was a lot of fun both times.

    This time, Motley played all of their Dr. Feelgood album, plus other Crue classics.

    Sadly, Tommy Lee could not play the drums due to an injury (Morgan Rose of Sevendust stepped in for a few shows), but Tommy was still there to pump up the crowd some, played some cymbals on the song Girls, Girls, Girls, and played piano on Home Sweet Home.

    Otherwise, it was another fun Motley show.

    Godsmack played right before Motley and honestly, I think they stole the show.  Godsmack are always amazing live and they truly stole the show this night.

    Drowning Pool, Theory Of A Deadman, and Charm City Devils played too and all were solid.

    There was apparently but I don’t remember it, and if it was there, I either didn’t see any of those bands or I got there later.

    Either way, a fun night.

    Motley Crue Set List:

    1. Dr. Feelgood Album (Tracks 1-10-Dr. Feelgood
    2. Slice Of Your Pie
    3. Rattlesnake Shake
    4. Kickstart My Heart
    5. Without You
    6. Same Ol’ Situation (S.O.S.)
    7. Sticky Sweet
    8. She Goes Down
    9. Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)
    10. Time For Change
    11. Guitar Solo
    12. Wild Side
    13. Saints Of Los Angeles
    14. Shout At The Devil 97
    15. Encore:  Home Sweet Home
    16. Girls, Girls, Girls

    Godsmack Set List:

    1. Straight Out Of Line
    2. Re-Align
    3. The Enemy
    4. Awake
    5. Keep Away
    6. Speak
    7. Whisky Hangover
    8. Voodoo
    9. Drum Solo Duel
    10. Whatever 
    11. I Stand Alone

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