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    An Evening With RUSH!!

    My brother Christopher and I went to see one of our mutually favorite bands:  RUSH!!

    This was my 1st time seeing them.  My brother had seen them once before in 1994.

    I’m glad we got to see the band together because not only do we both love them, but he was the one that made a fan.

    Here is some backstory:

    I came home from high school one day (I was 16.  I’m 41 as I type this.) and he told me to come into his room because he wanted me to hear something.

    So I did and he played some of what was the band’s most recent live album, Different Stages Live.

    I was instantly blown away.

    I had not heard anything quite like this.

    I asked him if I could borrow the CDs (Triple live album) and he said yes.

    I dubbed it over to cassettes (I eventually bought it.) and played it to death.

    I used to play it with a dark light on air drumming to the great Neil Peart’s (RIP) parts and cranked up the music.

    Geddy Lee (Vocals/Bass/Keyboards) is my favorite bassist for all time.

    Alex Lifeson (Guitar) is such a special player and was perfect for this band.

    Just 3 guys that made a PHENOMENAL sound, made tons of albums, and were around for over 40 years (the band stopped in 2015, Neil passed away in 2020.).

    Anyway, we saw them on their Snakes And Arrows album tour.

    They played a lot of songs from that great album, along with lots of other songs from their massive career.

    They never disappointed.

    They were always great.

    We will love them forever.

    Thank you Geddy, Alex, and Neil for all the great music.

    Set Lists:

    1. Set 1:  Limelight
    2. Digital Man
    3. Entre Nous
    4. Mission
    5. Freewill
    6. The Main Monkey Business (New Song)
    7. The Larger Bowl (New Song)
    8. Secret Touch
    9. Circumstances
    10. Between The Wheels
    11. Dreamline
    12. Set 2:  Far Cry (New Song)
    13. Workin’ Them Angels (New Song)
    14. Armor And Sword (New Song)
    15. Spindrift (New Song)
    16. The Way The Wind Blows (New Song)
    17. Subdivisions
    18. Natural Science
    19. Witch Hunt
    20. Malignant Narcissism (New Song)
    21. Drum Solo
    22. Hope (New Song)
    23. Summertime Blues (Eddie Cochran cover)
    24. The Spirit Of Radio
    25. Tom Sawyer
    26. Encore:  One Little Victory
    27. A Passage To Bangkok
    28. YYZ

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