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    Plant & Krauss Part 2

    I saw Robert Plant & Alison Krauss w/T Bone Burnett again in 2008.

    This time in Lexington, KY.

    I went with my Aunt Kim and her friend and mine, Barry Gillum.

    Like before, they sang and played a lot of songs from their great album Raising Sand, plus some Led Zeppelin songs, solo songs from each of their catalogs, and other songs.

    Mostly the same set from the first time we saw them, but with some differences.

    Another very fun show.

    Everyone was having fun on stage and in the audience.

    Hearing Robert and Alison sing is always magical.

    I’m glad I got to see them again.

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    I Saw Shawn Michaels Wrestle!!

    Another WWE house show (non-televised event) I attended.

    Don’t remember a lot from this (I’m typing this in 2023.) but I do remember finally seeing someone I grew up watching as a wrestler:  Shawn Michaels!!

    He wrestled one of his proteges, Lance Cade (RIP).  It was great seeing Shawn in person.

    I also finally got to see one of my then new favorite wrestlers Batista (now actor Dave Bautista) wrestle CM Punk.  I was supposed to see Batista wrestle twice in 2007 but he was not there.  I’m glad I got to see him wrestle this time.

    I’m sorry but that’s what really stands out to me, but again, it was a fun show.

    I found the results of the night and am posting them here.  The results I got from thehistoryofwwe.com web site.

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