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    Great Music & Storytelling: Kevin Costner & Modern West Concert Review

    I saw Kevin Costner & Modern West in concert Saturday night in Corbin, Kentucky.
    Very good show.
    I’ve been a fan of Kevin as an actor since at least 1991, but until somewhat recently, I was not aware of his music.
    I’m glad I discovered it.
    He has 5 albums (and I hope a 6th one is coming because many new songs were played at this show).
    All the albums are very good. My favorite one is called From Where I Stand.
    The show starts off with a montage of many of his movies throughout the years.
    Then the band comes on and plays for roughly 90 minutes, maybe a little more.
    Such a great time.
    I’m glad I can say I got to see another person I’ve admired for many years.
    And he is a very good singer and his band is great.
    And he’s just a cool guy. He tells a lot of stories.
    For example, when he told his Dad he was going to be an actor, his Dad’s head hit the kitchen table and asked him a bunch of questions.
    Later on in his career, when Kevin told his Dad that he was going to direct, he said his Dad’s head hit the kitchen table even harder and said Kevin this acting thing is going so well so why screw it up by directing. Great story.
    Ultimately, Kevin said regardless of what you do in life, go for it at 90 miles an hour.
    Check them out.

    Kevin Costner & Modern West Set List:

    1. Red River
    2. Long Hot Night
    3. Night We Let Go (New Song)
    4. 90 Miles An Hour
    5. Down In Nogales
    6. Chasing The Wind (New Song)
    7. Give A Little Love (New Song)
    8. I Can’t Do This Without You
    9. I Won’t Stop Loving You
    10. Rollin’ (New Song)
    11. Alive In The City
    12. Long Way From Home
    13. Hey Man What About You
    14. When The Angels Came Down
    15. Mr. Tambourine Man

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    Southern Hard Rock and Metal Health: Molly Hatchet/Quiet Riot Concert Review

    I saw another pretty fun concert.
    Molly Hatchet and Quiet Riot at Express Live in Columbus, Ohio.
    Quiet Riot technically only has one classic member: bassist Chuck Wright, who is actually leaving the band soon in which another classic Quiet Riot bassist Rudy Sarzo will be returning.
    And unfortunately classic singer Kevin Dubrow has been dead since 2007 and drummer Frankie Banali passed away last year.
    Having said that, the band still sounds great.
    Rounding out the band are singer Jizzy Pearl, who also sang for Love/Hate, LA Guns and RATT, and has sung for Quiet Riot a few times since Kevin’s passing.
    Also, guitarist Alex Grossi has been in the band since the early 2000s and drummer Johnny Kelly, who has played with Type O Negative and Danzig, and who was chosen by Frankie to fill in for him when he couldn’t play due to his cancer treatments.
    It was Frankie’s wish that Quiet Riot carry on and they are.
    For what it’s worth, even with all the lineup changes, they sound great. Truly.
    Even though he is leaving soon, Chuck is a beast on the bass and can play circles around most bassists.
    Jizzy can sing these songs very well.
    Alex is a very good guitarist and Johnny is a great drummer.
    I’ll certainly go see them again once Rudy returns.
    Later, Molly Hatchet came on and rocked.
    They’re another band like Quiet Riot who have had MANY lineup changes over the decades.
    Aside from the singer, most of this lineup has been there quite awhile though.
    Unfortunately all the original members are dead.
    The guitarist, Bobby Ingram, who has been in the band since 1987, bought the name many years ago and continues to carry it on.
    Rounding out the band is singer Jimmy Elkins, who joined two years ago (Edit:  Jimmy exited in 2023 and Parker Lee became the new singer), keyboardist John Galvin, who has been in the band from 1984-1990 and then from 1995-now, bassist Tim Lindsey who has been there since 2003, and drummer Shawn Beamer, who has been there since 2001.
    Again for what it is, it’s a very good band and they sing and play great.
    One fan who was able to get onstage and hold the American Flag with the singer has seen Molly Hatchet 392 times.
    Normally I would knock stuff like this because of all the changes, but in this instance, I’m ok with it.
    And frankly, this is probably the future for music.
    The band name and the songs will sell the tickets, not the members.
    That sounds disrespectful and I don’t mean it that way.
    But I think it’s true.
    But again, this was a fun show.
    I enjoyed both bands thoroughly and I would go again.
    So if you want to have a good time, go see both of these bands.

    Molly Hatchet Band Members:

    Quiet Riot Band Members:

    Molly Hatchet Set List:

    1. Whiskey Man
    2. Bounty Hunter
    3. Gator Country
    4. It’s All Over Now
    5. One Mans Pleasure
    6. Devils Canyon
    7. Drum Solo
    8. Beatin’ The Odds
    9. I’m Gonna Live ‘Til I Die
    10. In The Darkness Of The Night
    11. Fall Of The Peacemakers
    12. Jukin’ City
    13. Layla (Ending)
    14. Dreams I’ll Never See
    15. Encore:  Flirtin’ With Disaster

    Quiet Riot Set List:

    1. Run For Cover
    2. Slick Black Cadillac
    3. Sign Of The Times
    4. Love’s A Bitch
    5. Condition Critical
    6. Thunderbird
    7. Blackout In The Red Room (Love/Hate cover, Jizzy’s band)
    8. The Wild And The Young
    9. Let’s Get Crazy (includes Alex Guitar Solo)
    10. Cum On Feel The Noize
    11. Bang Your Head (Metal Health)

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