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    Here I Go Again: Whitesnake Concert Review

    Well, I went to another concert again last night.
    I, along with my best friend Jamie McClintic went to see the rock band Whitesnake in Huber Heights, Ohio.
    This was the 2nd time I saw Whitesnake singer David Coverdale and his great band in concert.
    And other than a brief sound problem in the middle of the opening song, it was another fun show.
    And a fun way to spend an evening.
    Whitesnake are on tour to support their great new CD/DVD called The Purple Album, which are re-records of songs from David Coverdale’s era of the legendary rock band Deep Purple, from the 70s.
    They played 5 of these great songs last night (I’ll list the setlist at the end of this review.)
    Plus, they played many of their most popular songs, as well as some guitar and drum solos, too.
    David Coverdale, to be in his early to mid 60s, still has a strong voice, and he gives it everything he has.
    He is one of my favorite singers.
    His band, which over the years has had many members in and out, now includes Reb Beach on guitar.
    Reb also plays in a band from the 80s called Winger, who I know have been given much flack over the years.
    But in my opinion, I think Winger are great.
    Especially their more recent albums.
    Also in Whitesnake now is Joel Hoekstra on guitar, Michael Devin on bass, Michelle Lupi on keyboards, and one of the greatest drummers of all time, and who has been in and out of Whitesnake over the years, the one and only Tommy Aldridge.
    Again, fun show, great songs, great band, and in my opinion, one of the best singers ever, David Coverdale, still rocking out and entertaining people better than most people ever could.
    If anyone has not yet seen Whitesnake in concert, or by some chance has never heard much or any of their music, which I’m sure many have, then I strongly recommend checking them out.
    As well as anything/everything David Coverdale has done throughout the years.
    From Deep Purple, Whitesnake, Coverdale/Page, solo albums, everything. David Coverdale is the man!!
    I hope you enjoyed this review.

    Whitesnake Set List:

    1. Burn
    2. Slide It In
    3. Love Ain’t No Stranger
    4. The Gypsy
    5. Give Me All Your Love Tonight
    6. You Keep On Moving
    7. Forevermore
    8. Reb Beach/Joel Hoekstra Guitar Solos
    9. Mistreated
    10. You Fool No One (w/Tommy Aldridge Drum Solo)
    11. Is This Love
    12. Bad Boys
    13. Here I Go Again
    14. Encore:  Still Of The Night

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