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    What a Night: Def Leppard/Styx/Tesla Concert Review

    I went to another fantastic concert Monday night in Cincinnati.
    I saw Def Leppard for the 4th time, and openers Styx and Tesla, for the 1st time.
    All 3 bands were fantastic!!
    I’ll post pics of all 3 bands at the end, but first, some of my thoughts on the show.
    Tesla started the show with a rocking set of songs. They only had about 45 minutes to play, but they truly let the music do the talking, if you will.
    One of their guitarists, Frank Hannon, even has the same last name as me, which I think is cool. I doubt he’s a relative, but who knows.
    If you have never seen Tesla in concert, or by some chance have never heard them, I recommend checking them out. They rock!!
    Styx played next.
    Like Tesla, I had never seen Styx in concert, but have been a fan for many years.
    They did not disappoint.
    My only complaint about Styx is that I wish singer/keyboardist Dennis DeYoung was still with them.
    But having said that, singers/guitarists Tommy Shaw and James “JY” Young are still in the band and they still rock.
    The highlight of their show, for me, was when their original bassist Chuck Panozzo came out and played with them for a few songs.
    He has had HIV for many years, and does not play full time with them anymore.
    But when he does, it’s even extra special.
    They played many of their hits, but my favorite was the song “Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man). I’ve always related to the lyrics.
    Anyway, they played and sang great.
    And again, if you have never seen Styx live or by some chance you’ve never heard their music, check them out. If you have, check them out again.
    Now if that was not enough of a rock show, the best were left until the end: Def Leppard!!!!
    Like I said earlier in this post, this was my 4th time seeing Def Leppard, and I hope it’s not my last.
    I think they’ve always been great on album, but they’re sooo much better live.
    Live, they are more raw, and in your face, which I like a lot.
    They have so many hits, but even in about 90 minutes, they play a lot of them, but also play more album tracks, too.
    I can’t say enough good about them.
    Lead singer Joe Elliott is still an amazing singer/frontman, guitarists Phil Collen and Vivian Campbell are fantastic, bassist Rick Savage is a solid player, and drummer Rick Allen is a sight to behold, as a player.
    To only have one arm and still be able to play drums, is truly amazing to me.
    And the fact they have always been loyal to him is even more amazing.
    Anyway, such a great concert.
    Three great bands, so many hits amongst all of them, and just a great night of fun.

    Def Leppard Band Members:

    Styx Band Members:

    Tesla Band Members:

    Def Leppard Set List:

    1. Rock Rock (Til You Drop)
    2. Animal
    3. Foolin’
    4. Promises
    5. Paper Sun
    6. Love Bites
    7. Armageddon It
    8. Bass Solo/Rock On
    9. Two Steps Behind (Joe solo with acoustic guitar)
    10. Rocket
    11. Bringin’ On The Heartbreak
    12. Switch 625
    13. Hysteria
    14. Let’s Get Rocked
    15. Pour Some Sugar On Me
    16. Encore:  Rock Of Ages
    17. Photograph

    Styx Set List:

    1. The Grand Illusion
    2. Too Much Time On My Hands
    3. Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man)
    4. Miss America
    5. Lady
    6. Blue Collar Man (Long Nights)
    7. Lawrence Gowan (Dennis DeYoung’s replacement) doing a Medley of Rocketman/Bohemian Rhapsody/Sitting on the Dock of the Bay
    8. Come Sail Away
    9. Rockin’ The Paradise
    10. Renegade

    Tesla Set List:

    1. Edison’s Medicine (Man Out Of Time)
    2. Gettin’ Better
    3. Hang Tough
    4. Heaven’s Trail (No Way Out)
    5. Signs
    6. Love Song
    7. Little Suzi
    8. Modern Day Cowboy

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