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    My Scarefest Experience

    For the 3rd time, I went to Scarefest.

    I’m going to try to tell my experience in sequence as to how the day went.

    Of course I won’t say everything because I can never remember every minute detail, but I’ll do my best to describe this great day I had.

    Scarefest may now be the biggest horror convention in the U.S.

    I went on the most busiest day, Saturday.

    I initially thought it was going to literally be a nightmare because the line was outside of the building and at that point across the street at a hotel next door.

    And I was worried because I had a photo op at 11:15 AM, and it was almost 11 when I got in line, so I was very worried.

    Luckily, some staff members came outside and told people that if they had an early photo op that they could go on inside.

    So, I did go inside, got my bracelet for the day (some had badges, I had a bracelet), and went in when doors opened at 11.

    I went right to the photo op line to get my picture taken with actress Adrienne Barbeau, who has starred in Maude, Someone’s Watching Me, The Fog, Escape From New York, Swamp Thing, and so many other movies and shows.  She’s even an author too.

    Anyway, I got my picture taken with Adrienne.  She’s a very sweet person and I thank her.

    I then went to get my picture taken with a Terminator cyborg!!

    I’m a HUGE Terminator fan (I love all the movies.) so this was a geek moment for me.  I had to do it.

    I was going to go get either a picture or autograph from Kane Hodder, maybe the most famous Jason Voorhees of them all, but I ultimately didn’t because I wanted to walk around awhile before I went to the Q&As I was going to attend, which were many and frankly, I didn’t think I could afford it this time.

    Before I go on, though, for anyone who reads this, I want to say that Kane Hodder is loved by soooooo many people and I have nothing but respect for him as a talent.

    However, something happened last year when I did meet him that still stings.

    I met him at Scarefest last year and mostly, he was great.  I got a great picture with him, which I still love, and I was able to ask him a question at a Q&A.  He answered great, but then he said to the audience in reference to me “Ron Jeremy ladies and gentlemen!”.  The audience laughed, albeit nervously or should I say an ooooooh moment happened amongst the audience.

    Now, I know it was a joke and I took it that way and went on with my day.

    And I’ve seen enough videos of Kane that I can tell he has a very sarcastic sense of humor, which is fine.

    However, it ultimately stung because I was reminded of this joke later when I was paying for gas one night on the way home from work, and this cashier had the gall to say to me as I was walking out of the gas station and I quote “have a nice evening Mr. Jeremy” and snickered.


    Again, I know Kane was joking and screw the gas station guy (also a Facebook person even called me Ron Jeremy Jr. even earlier on than all of this when all I did was post a picture of myself and Lou Ferrigno together when I met him a few years ago).

    Trust me, I did nothing to deserve this.

    I don’t think I look like Ron Jeremy, nor do I want to.

    Jeremy is in prison for the rest of his life, one of the charges of which is rape.

    That is not a laughing matter.

    And that is not anything I want to be associated with.

    Again, I know Kane was joking and please don’t think I’m knocking him, but I’m also saying that the joke stung me and I did not ask for it nor deserved it.

    I’m sorry but this has bothered me for a year and I don’t think about it often, but when I do, it hurts.

    OK rant over.  Back to this great day because it was great.

    I walked around a little while and checked out a lot of the great vendors and tried to see all the celebrities signing stuff/taking seflies at their tables.  I did not see all of them, but I saw many and it was great seeing all the ones I saw (Richard Dreyfuss, Tom Savini, Greg Nicotero, Dylan McDermott, R.A. Mihailoff, Adrienne King, Amy Steel, I may have seen Kimberly Beck, Lar Park Lincoln, Jack Osbourne, Danielle Harris, Scout Taylor-Compton, and several others).

    Now, I usually don’t go up to these people unless I’m paying for something (autograph/selfie) and unfortunately I couldn’t because I was broke.  I know you’re supposed to have a lot of money at these events but in this case, I was on a budget and it was a tight one.  So I did what I could, which was still a lot I think.  Hopefully I can plan better in the future.

    Having said that, I did go say hi to Melanie Kinnaman, the star of Friday The 13th Part V because she told me on Facebook to come and say hi to her.  So I did.  Very nice person.  And I truly do enjoy Part V.  Many don’t but I do.  I appreciate her kindness.  

    And I’m sure most of these people are kind but again I don’t want to get in line and just say hi because I know they don’t want that.  They want you to buy something and I understand that.

    And trust me, if I was rich, I would get every autograph on everything and pictures with everyone.

    But I’m not rich and I’ve been to many of these and some I’ve spent more at than others.

    I really wanted to spend a lot at this one but again, I couldn’t.

    And I’m sorry about that.

    Anyway, once I walked around for awhile, I went to the first Q&A I was going to attend that day, and it was a Day Of The Dead panel.

    The panel included Tom Savini, Lori Cardille, Terry Alexander, Jarlath Conroy, John Amplas, Mark Tierno, and Debra Gordon.

    They talked about their experiences making Dawn Of The Dead, working with director/writer George Romero (R.I.P.), and it was a great time had by all.

    Right after them was a Friday The 13th Panel of some of the actresses whose characters survived the movies they were in.

    The panel included Adrienne King (star of Part 1 and briefly in Part 2 and did a fan film called Jason Rising), Amy Steel (Part 2), Melanie Kinnaman (Part V as I mentioned above), Lar Park Lincoln (Part 7), and Jensen Daggett (Part 8:  Jason Takes Manhattan).  Kimberly Beck (Part 4) was scheduled to appear but didn’t.

    This was another great time where all the actresses talked about their experiences making their respective movies of the Jason franchise.

    Adrienne told a story of how her scene in Part 2 was basically the last thing done on the movie and that she had to ad-lib the whole thing, and that the weapon used to kill her character was actually not retractable, so that was dangerous.

    Lar said this gave her the indication later on after she did Part 7 that she probably better not return for Part 8 and she didn’t.

    That was just one story.  Loved seeing these great actresses and it was a very fun time.

    After this, I went to eat at the food court they had, which was a pretty big room and had some good food.

    However, I will say that even though it was a big room, it could’ve been bigger because I ended up eating on the floor.

    But oh well minor complaint.

    I then went back to the same room I was at for the previous two Q&As for more of them.

    Next Q&A was a Jaws Reunion panel.

    This included Richard Dreyfuss (Hooper in Jaws), Susan Backlinie (the first person to be killed in Jaws), Jeffrey Voorhees (Alex Kintner in Jaws), and Jeffrey Kramer (Deputy Hendricks in Jaws and Jaws 2).

    I had met Richard Dreyfuss in 2018 at another convention and he’s great.

    Not only a great actor, but has lots of stories to tell, is funny, and just awesome I think.

    Everyone told their stories, but Richard did a lot of the talking and was asked the most questions from the fans.

    He was asked about the play that is currently on Broadway about the making of Jaws and he said it is not accurate at all, saying that Robert Shaw is a hero of his and that they got along great. 

    He said that nothing worked on Jaws, but that the movie became great due to the editing and music, which many have sand and agreed with.

    He said that he, Robert Shaw, Roy Scheider, Steven Spielberg, and editor Verna Fields wrote the movie.

    He said that Robert Shaw’s famous speech in the movie was written by a lot of people (Spielberg and Shaw themselves, John Milius, Francis Ford Coppola, and George Lucas). 

    Dreyfuss said that Shaw and Spielberg ultimately took parts of each person’s attempts and made it into what it is.

    He then said that Shaw attempted to do the speech drunk, and this ended up being what Dreyfuss called the longest day of his life up to that point.

    He said that Shaw called Spielberg late in the night and asked him “how badly did I embarrass myself?”  And Spielberg said “not fatally”.

    So the next day Shaw came in, sober, and did it in one take, and that’s what’s in the movie.

    Awesome awesome stuff.

    I can’t thank Richard Dreyfuss and the Jaws cast enough for that great Q&A session.

    Next up was “The Directors Cut” Q&A with Tom Savini, Greg Nicotero, and Damien Leone.

    They talked about some of their respective works, which is a lot, especially Savini and Nicotero.

    Very smart and innovative people.

    After this was “Killer Conversation” Q&A, which featured Nick Castle, James Jude Courtney, Doug Bradley, David Thornton, and Felissa Rose.

    Nick and James talked about their times playing Michael Myers (Nick in the original and the 3 newer ones in cameos) and James playing Michael in the 3 newer ones, doing most of the work.

    Doug, a super nice guy by the way, talked about the Hellraiser franchise, how he met Clive Barker (Hellraiser creator), how he became an actor and his process (he’s never had one acting lesson), and about how a Michael Myers vs. Pinhead movie idea was bandied about, but unfortunately has never happened.

    David talked about how he became an actor, his process, and about working in the Terrifier movies.

    Felissa also talked about how she became an actress and her process.

    Again, awesome stuff.

    After this, I walked around a little more and came pretty close to buying a Jason mask because I wanted Kane Hodder to sign it.

    Again, I passed earlier because I didn’t think I had enough money, but it looked like I could afford the mask after all.  But I misunderstood and I was told it was more than I thought it would be if it was signed so I again unfortunately passed.  Maybe next year because Kane comes to all of these.

    But I’ll say this.  I know I said what I said earlier, but Kane is definitely great to his fans and I could tell he was really into interacting with everyone.

    He was originally scheduled to be part of two Q&As that day, but he didn’t, and I’m guessing that’s because he wanted to sign/take selfies and pictures/interact with as many fans as he could.

    I’ve seen another hero of mine do this very same thing this much, and that was Chuck Norris.

    So I’m sorry I took slight to his sarcastic joke last year, but I can tell he really does care about his fans and I’ve read many stories of how kind he’s been to fans, and especially kids.

    When I was in line, I heard that Kane’s time at his table was nearly up and he said he felt bad about it because he didn’t want to disappoint anyone.

    So good on you Kane.

    OK this was definitely a great, full day, but the best was saved for last.

    I attended a live podcast event called Talk Scary To Me.

    This was episode 98 of this podcast, hosted by Danielle Harris (Halloween 4 and 5, the two Rob Zombie Halloween movies, and so much more) and Scout Taylor-Compton (also starred in the Rob Zombie Halloween movies and more).  This episode will be available for download/streaming either Tuesday, October 24, or Halloween day (Tuesday October 31).

    Their guest was Jack Osbourne, who is the son of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne.

    I got to say hi to him as I walked into the room.

    Very smart guy.

    The podcast started and Jack ultimately came on stage a little later on and I’m telling you this was so much fun.

    Lots of stories and laughs, games were played, questions were asked and answered.  You just had to be there and I’m glad I was.

    I really enjoyed this very much.

    Before the podcast, I and all the other fans received a bag of goodies (a nice tote bag with a signed picture of Danielle and Scout, a keychain, a pin with their faces on it, and some candy.  Hey it’s Halloween time.).  They also had a lot of merch too (shirts, sweatshirts, hats, etc.).

    And after the podcast, Danielle and Scout took pictures with everyone.

    Danielle said fans didn’t have to do it but this was part of the experience if they wanted it.  And of course most stayed to have their pictures taken.

    I got to tell them both I had so much fun and they appreciated that.

    I told Danielle that Halloween 4 is one of my favorites and she thanked me and I told both Danielle and Scout that I loved seeing them together in the Rob Zombie Halloween movies.

    They were both very appreciative and kind.

    I can’t thank Danielle and Scout enough for the great time had by me and by all of us in the audience.

    An AWESOME way to end this long but fun and rewarding day.

    I hope to go again next year, although considering it almost took me hours to get inside, I may pay a little more and get the VIP or Weekend Ticket Pass so I can get in an hour earlier than most of the people attending.

    Thank you to the staff members that told me I could go in sooner if I had an early photo op.  They really saved my day!!

    And Thank you everyone at Scarefest for such a great time.

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    Great Weekend: My time at Huntington Comic & Toy Convention 2023

    I went to the third year of the Huntington Comic & Toy Convention.  I’ve been to all three.

    It is located in Huntington, WV at Mountain Health Arena (once called the Big Sandy Superstore Arena and for many years before that, the Huntington Civic Center).

    It was founded by the owner of a great store(s) called The Inner Geek (in Ashland, KY and Huntington, WV), who also owns Lexington Comic & Toy Convention in Lexington, KY.

    Greatly run organization.

    They get great guests and vendors and have great turnouts.

    This year, they had Corey Taylor (the singer of Slipknot/Stone Sour/Solo Artist and is also an author), the CHIPs TV show cast (Larry Wilcox, Erik Estrada, and Robert Pine), Tom Kenny (Spongebob), wrestling legend Hacksaw Jim Duggan, and many more.

    I specifically was there this time to see Corey, the CHIPs cast, and Hacksaw.

    None of them disappointed.

    All very kind and gracious people.

    Corey, as popular as he is, is very chill and laid back and talks to everyone. 

    I got him to sign my favorite Slipknot CD (Volume 3 The Subliminal Verses) and when I told him that’s my favorite, he said “oh yeah there’s some good shit on there”. 

    I later got my picture taken with him.  Again, very chill and friendly.  He’s a great and talented guy.

    The CHIPs guys are so kind to everyone.  Erik especially is very engaging to everyone and funny.  Actually all of them are funny.  I got my picture taken with them on the first day and went to their Q&A the second day.

    When I was getting my picture taken with them, they all loved my Chuck Norris shirt I was wearing and were quoting it (It’s an illustration and it says America, Chuck Yeah!), and Robert Pine even said I was “bad” and “you’re the man”.  Awesome!!

    All of them were very kind and all shook my hand.  Erik even said he met Chuck at another convention the previous weekend.  We both agreed that Chuck is the best.

    The Q&A on the second day was really fun too.  Erik was a little earlier than Larry and Robert so he was already taking questions.

    So, I asked him about the CHIPs reunion movie he, Larry and Robert did in the late 90s called CHIPs 99. 

    He said he was not wild about the newest reboot that happened in 2017 (the rest of them hated it too) but Erik thought CHIPs 99 was fun. 

    He liked the story and thought it was good.  He also said he was surprised I had it because he said it was no longer available.  Well maybe it wasn’t, but it is now (you can buy it on Amazon).

    I asked Larry and Robert about CHIPs 99 too after they arrived and they both liked it too. 

    Erik talked a lot about his experiences of actually being a policeman (still is one in Virginia)  He’s very passionate about that.

    All of them talked about their favorite CHIPs episodes, about the stuff they obtained from the show when it ended (Erik got a motorcycle, Larry really did alright with cars, and Robert got the podium he used on the show and jokingly said about Larry getting all these cars, that he just got a bicycle). 

    They were asked if they watched the show in reruns ever, and for the most part, the answer was no, but that they were very grateful that they had that job and that the show was so successful.

    In fact, Erik said more than once that the show should have lasted a lot longer because it was really popular. 

    Although Larry had a funny story about watching reruns:  he asked his wife to sit down with him a few years ago and watch the show for a few minutes.  So they did and he told his wife at one point “do you want to see the hunk?”  Meaning him. Hahaha.

    I could say more but in a nutshell, they’re great people and I highly recommend meeting them someday at an event like this if you can.

    Larry shook my hand again when the Q&A was over.

    And Hacksaw is supremely kind.  I can’t say enough how kind he is, however, here is my story with him. 

    When me and another huge fan were in line to get our pictures taken with Hacksaw on the first day of the event (it runs two days), before the pictures happened, Hacksaw came right up to us and engaged with us, asked questions, and thanked us for being fans.

    He said to come and visit his table afterwards, so I did.  When I did, he asked to see our picture together and he thought it turned out great. 

    I told him that unfortunately I was out of money so I couldn’t afford anything signed, but he said that’s alright and that he wanted to sign the picture anyways.  And he did!!

    He asked if I was going to be there the second day, and I said yes.  He then said to come visit again.  So I did. 

    Nothing signed this time, but again, he was very kind and I showed him my original toy of him that I believe my Dad bought for me when I was 8 or 9, and he was impressed with how great of condition it still is. 

    I again said sorry I can’t afford anything now but he said “well I took good care of you yesterday”.  And I said yes and thanked him multiple times.

    He thanked me multiple times for being a fan of the old days of wrestling.

    And that right there is basically my experience at this year’s Huntington Comic & Toy Convention. 

    Great organization, great guests, great vendors.

    Thank you everyone.

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    Pay Attention!!: My Scarefest Horror & Paranormal Convention 2022 Experience

    Wow what a Saturday. I went to ScareFest Horror & Paranormal Convention 2022 in Lexington and met a bunch of awesome people.
    Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger), Kane Hodder (Jason), Lance Henriksen (The Terminator, Near Dark, Pumpkinhead, Aliens, Alien 3, Hard Target, The Quick and The Dead, Millenium, Alien vs Predator and so much more, and Robert Patrick (Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Die Hard 2, The Sopranos, The X Files, We Are Marshall, Scorpion,Peacemaker and so much more).
    I saw a lot of other cool people too.
    I truly felt the blade of Robert’s Freddy nails, Kane truly choked me a bit (He does that during photo ops often, which I think is pretty awesome!  Although I have a complaint about him which I’ve typed below this.), Lance really talked to me, and Patrick was cool too.
    When I was waiting in line to get my picture taken with Englund, he was walking along and stopped and looked at a Freddy lookalike girl and said to her “pay attention!”. Really cool.
    I was able to ask Kane a question at a Q&A that was about a video game he’s part of. I asked him about Jason X, which I really like.  I said above that I enjoyed the phot op with Kane, and I am a fan of his work, but after he answered my question, he said to the crowd “Ron Jeremy ladies and gentlemen!” in reference to me.  Now, I know he has a smart aleck sense of humor, but I did nothing to deserve that.  And being compared to someone who is spending the rest of his life in prison on rape charges is NOT funny.  That was my only negative about this experience.
    I have two pictures with Lance because I think he got somewhat distracted briefly and he insisted the photographer take another picture. So I got two pictures!
    When I went to his autograph line (he signed a picture of his character in The Terminator), he told me he enjoyed working with Paul Winfield (RIP) in that movie and when I told him some of the lines, he gave me one back too.
    And I guess he saw my Chuck Norris Lonewolf hat from The Expendables 2 and asked me if I was in the military.
    I told him I wasn’t but I told him about my Pawpaw being a paratrooper and my Aunt Garnie being a nurse in World War 2.
    He seemed very interested and impressed with what I was saying and he told me he had been in the Navy.
    I wish I had told him thank you for your service but I forgot.
    But anyways, he took the time to speak to me and every fan in line.
    He had a quite a line too and it was slow at times because some fans he spoke to for 10 minutes which is unheard of at events like this.
    But it’s great because he truly cares.
    He was worth the price of admission alone.
    What a great day, other than Kane Hodder comparing me to Ron Jeremy.  Not funny Kane. 

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    Second Time Around: My Huntington Comic & Toy Convention 2022 Experience

    I had a great time at the second edition of Huntington Comic & Toy Convention.
    I went Saturday and Sunday.
    I got to see Chuck Norris for the third time (he signed a DVD for me and gave me a great hand shake), Kevin Conroy (voice of Batman), Beau Smith (the writer of Wynonna Earp, one of my girlfriend Mariah Startzman favorites), actor Sam Jones (star of Flash Gordon-Great guy), Jim Shooter (Marvel Comics writer), wrestling tag team The Rock And Roll Express (Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson-Ricky was very kind), and the great Joe Barta IV (one of my mentors) and his great wife V Brittany Barta.
    Joe makes old VHS boxes and turns them into notebooks.
    The company is called Be Kind Rewind VHS Notebooks Check them out!!
    I love going to Comiccons just as much as I do concerts.
    Huntington Comic & Toy Convention is run by the same people who do Lexington Comic & Toy Con and own The Inner Geek and I can’t say enough what a great operation they run and a great service they provide to fans.
    Thank you so much and let’s do it again next year.

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    My Lexington Comic & Toy Convention 2021 Experience

    I had a great time today at Lexington Comic & Toy Con with my girlfriend Mariah Startzman
    We saw lots of cool people, lots of awesome vendors, and just had a great day.
    I met some of my favorite wrestlers. The Steiner Brothers (Ric and Scott) and Lex Luger.
    I also met actor Bruce Boxleitner at his Q&A.
    I asked him a question and he gave me a very awesome answer.
    Great day.

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    My First Event Since Global Shutdown: Huntington Comic & Toy Convention 2021

    It’s official: I’m back going to events again!!
    I went to Huntington Comic & Toy Convention in Huntington, WV.
    This is the first year for this event.
    The same people who run Lexington Comic & Toy Con and The Inner Geek run it.
    It was a great time.
    I saw several people there, including John Wesley Shipp (The Flash), wrestlers Kevin Nash, Scott Steiner, Sgt. Slaughter, and more.
    I went to Kevin Nash’s Q&A, and Scott Steiner showed up during it.
    I was able to ask them a question.
    I was able to ride Battlecat and Panthor from He- Man And The Masters Of The Universe!!! That was fun.
    And for the first time since 2005, I saw my college professor Joe Barta IV and his wife V Brittany Barta.
    They have a company called Be Kind Rewind VHS Notebooks, in which they make notebooks out of old VHS tape boxes.
    Great stuff.
    Thank you Joe and Brittany.  It was great seeing you two again.
    All in all, a great, fun day.
    I’m glad to be able to go to events again.
    More to come soon, I hope.

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    I Met John Carpenter on Zoom!

    I spoke to another favorite of mine today.
    Mr. John Carpenter. Director/writer/producer/composer/musician.
    I’ve been a fan of his work for a long time.
    Assault On Precinct 13, Halloween, The Fog, Escape From New York, The Thing, Big Trouble In Little China, Prince Of Darkness, Memoirs Of An Invisible Man, Escape From LA, Ghosts Of Mars, and more.
    In recent years, he’s spent more time making instrumental albums and doing concerts.
    He has a great concert Blu-ray called John Carpenter Live Retrospective.
    I preordered his latest instrumental album called Lost Themes III. It’s out next month. I have his other two Lost Themes albums and they’re very good.
    It’s actually his birthday today too!!
    Happy Birthday Mr. Carpenter!!!!
    Hopefully I’ll actually meet him at a ComicCon for real someday and see a concert of his.
    Anyway, here is my chat with Mr. John Carpenter and some pictures!!

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    I Met Dolph Lundgren on Zoom!!

    I actually got to speak to someone I really like today via the Internet.
    Actor/director/producer/writer Dolph Lundgren did a chat on GalaxyCon today and after the regular chat he did some one on one chats with people.
    I was one of those people.
    I’m not sure if this video will work on here but give it a try.
    I was having technical difficulties beforehand for awhile but it worked in time.
    He’s a great guy and he’s made a lot of good movies, not just Rocky IV.
    Masters Of The Universe, The Punisher, Showdown In Little Tokyo, I Come In Peace, Joshua Tree/Army Of One, 3 Universal Soldier movies, The Killing Machine/Icarus, Diamond Dogs, Jill The Ripper, Kindergarten Cop 2 (no not a sequel but a fun movie), Aquaman, The Expendables 1-3, Creed 2, and so many more.
    Check out the video.
    I have also posted autographed pictures I received from Dolph, courtesy of GalaxyCon and Wizard World.

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    Thank You Melendy Britt!!

    Thank you Melendy Britt (She-Ra and many other characters) for the great autographed photo and video message.

    I am a huge fan and am grateful that you did this for me.

    Yes I know I paid for it (thanks to the company Zobie Authentic Autographs for making it happen) but still I’m very grateful.

    I hope I can meet you at a convention/expo someday.

    All the best and take care.

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    I Saw My Favorite SNL Cast Member in Person: Chevy Chase Q&A/Christmas Vacation Screening

    I went to Columbus to see National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation on the big screen.
    Why you may ask?
    Because Chevy Chase himself was there to do a live Q&A afterwards.
    The movie is still really funny, and when he came out to talk, he had a lot of stories about that movie, Randy Quaid (he imitated his voice and yes he said “shitter’s full!”), John Candy, John Belushi, Bill Murray and his brother Bryan, who he said is even funnier, Rodney Dangerfield (he quoted Rodney saying “I see a lot of boys. Where are the blowjobs?” Funny.), Fletch, Caddyshack, even Memoirs Of An Invisible Man, as well as SNL stories.
    Most of the questions were submitted by audience members before the event.
    There were a few hecklers but he handled them well.
    It was great to see him in person.
    He will always be my favorite cast member of SNL.
    For those who may not know, he was initially hired just as the head writer, but when he came up with “Weekend Update” Lorne Michaels made him a cast member of the “Not Ready For Primetime Players”.
    He is also a musician who can sing in perfect pitch, plays drums and piano.
    He said he used to hang out with famous jazz musicians Bill Evans and Thelonius Monk.
    He also played with future Steely Dan founders Donald Fagen and Walter Becker (RIP).
    He said he’s working on a new Fletch script and his autobiography.
    Fun night.
    My last event until at least February or March.
    Great end to a mostly great year.

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