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    0-60: My Five Finger Death Punch/Megadeth Concert Experience

    Talk about going from 0-60.
    Monday, I had car issues and it was taken to the shop for repairs.
    And I had a concert to go to Wednesday evening so I was not feeling good about my odds of getting it back in time.
    And not only was I going to a concert, a friend of a friend who works for the main band I will be talking about got me a backstage pass and a much better ticket!!
    So, I was sweating that I was going to have to stay home.
    Luckily, I got my car back Wednesday morning!!
    So, what was the beginning of maybe a very bad day turned into a great day!!
    I went to the show (Five Finger Death Punch/Megadeth/The HU/Fire From The Gods), I got my backstage pass and better ticket (13th row center) at will call, I was shown around the stage, I met the bassist of 5FDP, I got several guitar picks, and I had a great time!!
    First up was Fire From The Gods and then The HU.
    I didn’t know anything about either before the show but I enjoyed both.
    Fire From The Gods are from Austin, Texas and have a very hard hitting style of music, reminds me of KORN a bit.
    The HU are from Mongolia and have 8 members in the band.
    They play various types of instruments, including a horsehead fiddle, Mongolian guitar, and jaw harp.
    Very unique style of music. Both got a good response.
    Then one of my favorite bands ever played: Megadeth.
    I have been a fan since 1999 (my first album of theirs was Risk, which I know many fans hate but I love it) and they have continually put out great albums, most recently their newest The Sick, The Dying, and The Dead.
    They played two songs from it plus a selection of Megadeth classics.
    This is my 4th time seeing the band and they’re always great live.
    Dave Mustaine, lead singer/guitarist/songwriter/leader of the band, continues to have great musicians with him and writes and performs great songs.
    I love Megadeth.
    Then the headliner, Five Finger Death Punch performed.
    Wow what a show.
    I had not seen them in many years and they truly are now one of the biggest rock/metal bands out there.
    They just released their 9th album, Afterlife, and like Megadeth, they have been consistently great and just get better.
    Singer Ivan Moody is a great singer/songwriter/performer who is very giving to his fans and gives it his all.
    He even brought a fan on stage and told everyone about this fan being bullied and Ivan heard about this and showed him support and backed him up.
    And for this fan, Anthony is his name, he sang part of a song that he never sings anymore because it’s too hard for him to sing, emotionally.
    The bassist of 5FDP, Chris Kael, is the one I mentioned earlier that I met.
    Very nice guy and a great player.
    And he’s from Lexington, Kentucky!!
    All the band are just great at what they do.
    Guitarists Andy James and Zoltan Bathory and drummer Charlie Engen all are great.
    I don’t understand why they seem polarizing for some people.
    They play heavy/catchy songs, Ivan screams and sings, and as heavy as they are, they have a lot of melody.
    I like them. They’ve earned their success.
    Anyway, I had a great time.
    And THANKS to Scott Proctor for hooking me up.
    And thanks to my friend Dean M. Porter for telling Scott about me.

    Five Finger Death Punch Band Members:

    Megadeth Band Members:

    The Hu Band Members:

    Fire From The Gods Band Members:

    Five Finger Death Punch Set List:

    1. Inside Out
    2. Trouble
    3. Wash It All Away
    4. Jekyll And Hyde
    5. Sham Pain
    6. Bad Company
    7. Got Your Six
    8. Never Enough
    9. IOU
    10. Remember Everything (Partial)
    11. A Little Bit Off (Partial)
    12. All I Know/Judgement Day Mash-Up
    13. Wrong Side Of Heaven
    14. Burn MF
    15. Welcome To The Circus
    16. Lift Me Up
    17. Under And Over It
    18. The Bleeding

    Megadeth Set List:

    1. Hangar 18
    2. Dread And The Fugitive Mind
    3. Angry Again
    4. Soldier On!
    5. Sweating Bullets
    6. Trust
    7. Symphony Of Destruction
    8. We’ll Be Back
    9. Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying
    10. Encore:  Holy Wars (The Punishment Due)

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    Lucas at a Festival: My Louder Than Life 2022 Concert Experience

    I went to the Saturday portion of Louder Than Life 2022.
    I did not see everyone, but saw many of the bands/artists that played.
    Airbourne were the first band I saw that day.
    They remind me of AC/DC. Just really good basic rock.
    I only saw a bit of Bloodywood but I liked them.
    The Alive is a younger rock band but are pretty solid.
    Pop Evil are alright but I’m not a big fan.
    Sevendust I’ve been a fan of for more than 20 but has not seen them since 2009. They’ve always been a solid band.
    Jerry Cantrell, guitarist/songwriter/singer/leader of Alice In Chains, who are playing Sunday at Louder Than Life, I’ve also been a fan of for more than 20 years.
    I’ve always said AIC is my favorite of the so called Grunge bands.
    And Jerry is a big reason for that.
    I’d seen AIC before (loudest show I’ve ever seen) but had not seen him solo. He played a mixture of solo and AIC songs.
    Chevelle I had been aware of for many years but had not really listened to them much. But I enjoyed their set and intend to check out more of their stuff.
    Alice Cooper is one of my favorites!
    Aside from KISS, I’ve seen Alice almost as many times.
    And aside from his first two albums, most of his albums are amazing.
    He’s still making great albums and live, he’s always been impeccable.
    I also saw Ice-T’s band Body Count, Rob Zombie (only saw a bit of his set because I was watching Body Count) and KISS (my 10th time seeing them). 
    Seeing all of these acts was great but for me Body Count and KISS made me the happiest.
    Alice too, especially since his former guitarist Kane Roberts is back (Edit:  he only was back for a few months then guitarist Nita Strauss returned), but Body Count and KISS MOST especially.
    Body Count I’ve wanted to see for the last few years.
    They’re amazing!!! Last two albums are masterpieces and I can’t wait to buy the next one.
    KISS, for anyone who doesn’t know, are my favorite band period.
    All albums and all lineups.
    No apologies.
    They always make me feel like I’m 16 again.
    They never let me down musically.
    And aside from The Rolling Stones, who I’ve loved since I was a kid, they are the best band I’ll ever see in concert.
    It was a long day, but a rocking, fun day too.

    KISS Set List:

    1. Detroit Rock City
    2. Shout It Out Loud
    3. War Machine
    4. Heaven’s On Fire
    5. I Love It Loud
    6. Guitar Solo
    7. Lick It Up
    8. Calling Dr. Love
    9. Psycho Circus
    10. Drum Solo
    11. Bass Solo/God Of Thunder
    12. Love Gun
    13. I Was Made For Loving You
    14. Black Diamond
    15. Encore:  Do You Love Me
    16. Rock And Roll All Nite

    Alice Cooper Set List:

    1. Feed My Frankenstein
    2. No More Mr. Nice Guy
    3. Bed Of Nails
    4. Hey Stoopid
    5. Go To Hell
    6. Freedom
    7. Under My Wheels
    8. I’m Eighteen
    9. Poison
    10. Billion Dollar Babies
    11. Steven
    12. Dead Babies
    13. I Love The Dead
    14. School’s Out

    Body Count Set List:

    1. Raining Blood
    2. Bowels Of The Devil
    3. Point The Finger
    4. Manslaughter
    5. No Lives Matter
    6. Ace Of Spades
    7. There Goes The Neighborhood
    8. Necessary Evil
    9. Talk Shit, Get Shot
    10. Bum-Rush
    11. Cop Killer

    Jerry Cantrell Set List:

    1. Atone
    2. Brighten
    3. Sea Of Sorrow
    4. Cut You In
    5. My Song
    6. Rooster
    7. Had To Know
    8. Would?

    Chevelle Set List:

    1. An Island
    2. Door To Door Cannibals
    3. Self Destructor
    4. Young Wicked
    5. Joyride (Omen)
    6. Face To The Floor
    7. The Clincher
    8. Send The Pain Below
    9. The Red
    10. I Get It
    11. Mars Simula

    Sevendust Set List:

    1. Pieces
    2. Denial
    3. Praise
    4. Enemy
    5. Shine
    6. Bitch
    7. Face To Face

    Airbourne Set List:

    1. Ready To Rock
    2. Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast
    3. Breakin’ Outta Hell
    4. Live It Up
    5. Runnin’ Wild

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    Bourbon And Beyond Sunday Portion: Seeing The Doobie Brothers and Michael McDonald Together!!!

    What a show at Bourbon and Beyond Sunday
    I wasn’t there all day, but what I saw was great.
    I saw a little bit of Yola’s set, saw Needtobreathe, Marcus King, who is phenomenal, Caamp, The Doobie Brothers (my main reason for going), and Chris Stapleton (only saw 7 songs because I needed to leave to get home for work Monday).
    What I saw of Chris was great of course. I see why he’s super popular, but again, I went to this to see The Doobie Brothers.
    They’re one of my favorites. Tom Johnston, Pat Simmons, John McFee, and the return of Michael McDonald!!!
    I’d seen them twice before and I’d seen Michael McDonald solo once but I had never seen him with them.
    I love all their music but I really love his era especially.
    They still sound amazing.
    So wonderful to see them still putting out new music (new album is called Liberte) and what can I say? I love the band so much.

    The Doobie Brothers Band Members:

    The Doobie Brothers Set List:

    1. Take Me In Your Arms (Rock Me A Little While)
    2. Here To Love You
    3. Dependin’ On You
    4. Rocking Down The Highway
    5. Eyes of Silver
    6. South City Midnight Lady
    7. It Keeps You Runnin’
    8. Real Love
    9. World Gone Crazy
    10. Minute By Minute
    11. Without You
    12. Jesus Is Just Alright
    13. What A Fool Believes
    14. Long Train Runnin’
    15. China Grove
    16. Black Water
    17. Takin’ It To the Streets
    18. Listen To the Music

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