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    Mayhem Festival 2012 Review

    My cousin Zachary and I again went to Mayhem Festival.  This time in 2012.

    Lots of great bands at this.

    We did not see them all, unfortunately, but the ones we did see were great.

    We saw Anthrax, Hatebreed, and a couple of other bands too I think on the second stage, and we saw Slipknot, Slayer, and Motorhead on the main stage.

    I’m typing this in 2023 so I’m just going to say that wow this was quite the concert bill and every band kicked butt!!

    Slipknot Set List:

    1. (sic)
    2. Eyeless
    3. Sulfur
    4. Wait And Bleed
    5. Before I Forget
    6. Disasterpiece
    7. Gently 
    8. Vermilion
    9. The Heretic Anthem
    10. Psychosocial
    11. Duality
    12. Spit It Out
    13. Encore:  People=Shit
    14. Surfacing

    Slayer Set List:

    1. Disciple
    2. War Ensemble
    3. Die By The Sword
    4. Hate Worldwide
    5. Mandatory Suicide
    6. Alter Of Sacrifice
    7. Jesus Saves
    8. Seasons In The Abyss
    9. Hell Awaits
    10. Dead Skin Mask
    11. Angel Of Death
    12. Encore:  South Of Heaven
    13. Raining Blood

    Motorhead Set List:

    1. Bomber
    2. Damage Case
    3. I Know How To Die
    4. Stay Clean
    5. Over The Top
    6. The Chase Is Better Than The Catch
    7. The One To Sing The Blues (w/Drum Solo)
    8. Going To Brazil
    9. Killed By Death
    10. Ace Of Spades
    11. Overkill

    Anthrax Set List:

    1. Caught In A Mosh
    2. Got The Time
    3. Fight ‘Em ‘Til You Can’t
    4. Antisocial
    5. Indians
    6. Madhouse
    7. I Am The Law

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