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    Rockin’ on My 40th Birthday: Greta Van Fleet Concert Review

    Thank you everyone for all the birthday wishes.
    I had a great day listening to music and I went and saw Greta Van Fleet RIVAL SONS and The Velveteers in Cincinnati.
    All were very good.
    Greta is definitely the real deal.
    They get compared to Led Zeppelin a lot but ultimately I think they sound like a 70s band period, which is great.
    All the musicianship and the vocals are stellar.
    They have a great stage show.
    They expand on some of their songs live and jam on them.
    They got it all.  Oh and most of them are brothers so they’ve known each other their whole lives.
    Again, they are the real deal!!!!
    Rival Sons has been around awhile but they’re great too.
    Singer Jay Buchanan sounds a lot like Paul Rodgers but still has his own voice.
    They’re just a great rock band.
    The Velveteers have a lot of energy and sound really good too.
    Really great show.

    Greta Van Fleet Band Members:

    Rival Sons Band Members:

    The Velveteers Band Members:

    Greta Van Fleet Set List:

    1. Intro/Built By Nations
    2. Trip The Light Fantastic
    3. Safari Song
    4. Drum Solo
    5. Black Smoke Rising
    6. Heat Above
    7. Broken Bells
    8. Light My Love (Prelude To)
    9. Age Of Machine
    10. The Weight Of Dreams
    11. Encore:  Age Of Man
    12. Highway Tune (Feat. I Got Mine and That’s Alright)

    Rival Sons Set List:

    1. Electric Man
    2. Too Bad
    3. Open My Eyes
    4. Face Of Light
    5. Shooting Stars (Jay solo)
    6. Secret
    7. Nobody Wants To Die

    The Velveteers Set List:

    1. Beauty Queens
    2. Motel #27
    3. Choking
    4. Charmer And The Snake
    5. Limboland
    6. Dark Horse

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    Rockin’ In America: Night Ranger Concert Review

    Mariah Startzman and I had a great time seeing Night Ranger in Wilmington, Ohio Saturday night.
    They played a solid 90 minutes and put on a fun rocking show.
    Such a great time.
    Honestly, I was very late to their music.
    Sure I knew Sister Christian, Don’t Tell Me You Love Me, and a few other songs, and as much as I respected the guys’ talents, I just was not impressed with their music.
    Well happily, my mind was changed.
    They really are a great band and kick maximum butt.
    They’ve been around a long time and are as great as ever, still mostly the original members, and still putting out great new music (latest album ATBPO is awesome).
    Seek them out if you’re a rock fan.

    Night Ranger Band Members:

    Night Ranger Set List:

    1. Rock In America
    2. Seven Wishes
    3. Sing Me Away
    4. Rumors In The Air
    5. Sentimental Street
    6. Breakout
    7. Passion Play
    8. High Road
    9. Night Ranger (with Drum Solo by the whole band)
    10. Goodbye
    11. When You Close Your Eyes
    12. Don’t Tell Me You Love Me
    13. Sister Christian

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    Feel The Noize of the Train Train: Quiet Riot and Blackfoot Concert Review

    I went to another PHENOMENAL concert.
    Blackfoot is a famous southern rock band from the 70s that now Lynyrd Skynyrd guitarist Rickey Medlocke used to be the singer/guitarist/leader of it.
    Since he’s so busy with Skynyrd, Medlocke, who owns the name Blackfoot, for the last several years, has hired new musicians to carry on the band and music.
    The guys he has put together for this incarnation of the band are AMAZING!!
    Lead singer Kenny Lawrence, lead guitarist Drew Spencer, lead guitarist Stuart McConnell, bassist Chief Spires, and drummer Dave Somerville.
    Usually, I would not like something like this but in this instance, I love it.
    The band is great. The songs are great. That’s good enough for me.
    And they do have a new album coming so I’m excited about that.
    I was able to shake the singer Kenny’s hand. Very cool!!
    Go see them if you get a chance.
    You won’t regret it (Edit:  Since this writing, this iteration of Blackfoot is no more and Rickey Medlocke, who again owns the band name, may be performing Blackfoot songs with his own band in 2024).
    Now to Quiet Riot. The band consists of lead singer Jizzy Pearl, guitarist Alex Grossi, returning bassist Rudy Sarzo and drummer Johnny Kelly.
    Kevin Dubrow and Frankie Banali will always be missed but this band still kicks butt and delivers the goods.
    I still support them and I’ll continue to.
    Thank you guys for keeping the music alive.
    I live for nights like this.

    Quiet Riot Band Members:

    Blackfoot Band Members:

    Quiet Riot Set List:

    1. Run For Cover
    2. Slick Black Cadillac
    3. Mama Weer All Crazee Now
    4. Don’t Wanna Let You Go
    5. Sign Of The Times
    6. Love’s A Bitch
    7. Condition Critical
    8. Thunderbird (Dedicated to Kevin Dubrow, Frankie Banali, and Randy Rhoads)
    9. Breathless
    10. Blackout In The Red Room
    11. The Wild And The Young
    12. Let’s Get Crazy (with a bit of Crazy Train)
    13. Cum On Feel The Noize 
    14. Bang Your Head (Metal Health)

    Blackfoot Set List:

    1. Train Train
    2. Baby Blue
    3. Road Fever
    4. I Got A Line On You
    5. Fox Chase
    6. Left Turn On A Red Light
    7. Wishing Well
    8. Payin’ For It
    9. Every Man Should Know
    10. Too Hard To Handle
    11. Star Spangled Banner
    12. Highway Song

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