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    Disturbed/Sevendust/Skindred Concert Review

    My cousin Zachary and I went to see another really cool show.

    Two of our favorites Disturbed and Sevendust, along with opener Skindred.

    Skindred I was not super aware of before this show, but I was very impressed.  They really kicked butt.

    Sevendust were next and wow they always kick butt.  On album and in concert.  

    They’re in your face and heavy, but also very melodic too.

    All original members too (Lajon Witherspoon on Lead Vocals, Guitarists Clint Lowery, who had recently rejoined and also sings, and John Connoly, Bassist Vince Hornsby, and Drummer/Screamer Morgan Rose).

    Love these guys.

    Then Disturbed closed the show.  What can I say?  They rock.  Singer David Draiman, Guitarist Dan Donegan, Bassist John Moyer, and Drummer Mike Wengren are a great band.  

    Indestructible is my favorite album of theirs (they were touring on this at this time) but all their albums are very good.

    Great night.

    Disturbed Set List:

    1. Perfect Insanity
    2. Liberate
    3. Just Stop
    4. Voices
    5. Indestructible
    6. Prayer
    7. Land Of Confusion (Genesis cover)
    8. Deify
    9. Stupify
    10. Divide
    11. Haunted
    12. The Game
    13. Encore:  Inside The Fire
    14. Stricken
    15. Drum Solo
    16. Down With The Sickness

    Sevendust Set List:

    1. Inside
    2. Denial
    3. Pieces
    4. Clueless
    5. Suffocate
    6. Enemy
    7. Rumble Fish
    8. Face To Face

    Skindred Set List:

    1. Roots Rock Riot
    2. Rat Race
    3. Pressure
    4. Cause Ah Riot
    5. Trouble
    6. Nobody

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    I Saw Chris Jericho Wrestle

    Another WWE house show (non-televised event) I went to.

    Again, I don’t remember a ton of it (I’m typing this in 2023.) but I do remember seeing Chris Jericho wrestle.

    I really like Jericho a lot.  I especially like him as a singer of his band Fozzy, and just the fact he is such a huge music fan like I am.

    I’ve since seen Fozzy in concert, went to their meet and greet, and saw Jericho sing for his KISS tribute band Kuarantine, which is a lot of fun.

    Again, I’m sorry I don’t have much to say, but again, I know it was a fun show because they always are.

    However, I did find the find the results, which I’m posting here, courtesy of thehistoryofwwe.com web site.

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