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    Twist of Cain: Danzig Concert Review

    Another huge bucket list for me done.
    I finally saw Glenn Danzig and his band Danzig at the Agora in Cleveland.
    Corrosion of Conformity, who are also great, opened.
    Acid Wich and Mutoid Man also played.
    Another great concert for me.
    My best friend Jamie went with me too and we had a blast.
    Everyone sounded great, but Danzig and C.O.C. especially rocked the house.
    I’m glad we were able to go.

    Danzig Set List:

    1. Skincarver
    2. Twist of Cain
    3. Devil on Hwy 9 (New Song)
    4. Her Black Wings
    5. Godless
    6. Left Hand Black
    7. How The Gods Kill
    8. Do You Wear The Mark
    9. Dirty Black Summer
    10. Last Ride (New Song)
    11. Black Mass (My favorite song of the night.)
    12. Long Way Back From Hell
    13. Mother
    14. Encore: She Rides
    15. Am I Demon

    Corrosion of Conformity (C.O.C.) Set List:

    1. Bottom Feeder (El que come abajo-partial)
    2. Paranoid Opioid
    3. Broken Man
    4. Seven Days
    5. Vote With a Bullet
    6. Who’s Got the Fire
    7. Albatross
    8. Clean My Wounds

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    Rock And Roll is Not Dead: Queens of the Stone Age/Royal Blood Concert Review

    Queens of the Stone Age and Royal Blood rocked Columbus Tuesday night.
    Rock and Roll is alive and well.
    For everyone who says rock is dead, think again.
    Royal Blood started the show with a kick butt set.
    This  band is a duo and I’m telling you they rock.
    Even Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin is a fan.
    And Queens of the Stone Age are still kicking butt too.
    Leader/singer/guitarist Josh Homme and his band are still making very good albums and they just rock!!
    That’s all I have to say.

    Queens of the Stone Age Band Members:

    Royal Blood Band Members:

    Queens of the Stone Age Set List:

    1. Go With The Flow
    2. The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret
    3. Feet Don’t Fail Me
    4. My God Is the Sun
    5. The Evil Has Landed
    6. Smooth Sailing
    7. Domesticated Animals
    8. Avon
    9. No One Knows
    10. Fortress
    11. Make It Wit Chu
    12. Leg of Lamb
    13. Head Like a Haunted House
    14. I Appear Missing
    15. Villains of Circumstance
    16. If I Had a Tail
    17. I Sat By the Ocean
    18. Little Sister
    19. Encore:  The Way You Used to Do
    20. A Song For the Dead

    Royal Blood Set List:

    1. Where Are You Now?
    2. Lights Out
    3. Come On Over
    4. I Only Lie When I Love You
    5. Little Monster
    6. Hook, Line & Sinker
    7. Hole In Your Heart
    8. Ten Tonne Skeleton
    9. Figure It Out
    10. Out of the Black

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    3 Classics: Deep Purple/Alice Cooper/Edgar Winter Concert Review

    Another classic rock show in the Lucas book.
    I saw Deep Purple, Alice Cooper, and Edgar Winter on the final night of their triple bill summer tour.
    Edgar Winter started the proceedings with a solid dose of classic rock.
    He and his band were having a lot of fun, which I love to see.
    He not only sang, but played the keytar, saxophone, and some of his drummer’s drum kit.
    A very fun set.
    Then Alice Cooper came on and delivered another basically perfect show.
    I’ve seen him 6 times now and I swear he never has a bad night.
    He played a lot of hits, plus one song from his great new album Paranormal.
    At the end of his set, Edgar Winter and Deep Purple guitarist Steve Morse got onstage and jammed with Alice and his great band.
    Again, very fun.
    Then Deep Purple came on.
    It had been 16 years since I saw them.
    They’re still great.
    They played a lot of the classics, plus one song from their great new album Infinite and a song from their previous album, the great Now What?!
    Singer Ian Gillan, guitarist Steve Morse, bassist Roger Glover, drummer Ian Paice, and keyboardist Don Airey are all virtuosos at what they do.
    And after all these years, they’re still having fun, which is what it’s all about.
    A very fun show all around, and
    I’m glad I went.
    More shows to come.
    Stay tuned.

    Deep Purple Set List:

    1. Highway Star
    2. Fireball
    3. Strange Kind Of Woman
    4. Uncommon Man (dedicated to their original keyboardist Jon Lord)
    5. Lazy
    6. Knocking At Your Back Door
    7. Pictures Of Home
    8. Perfect Strangers
    9. Don Airey Keyboard Solo (he played some of the main theme to Star Wars!)
    10. Time For Bedlam (New Song)
    11. Space Truckin’
    12. Hush
    13. Smoke On The Water (with Edgar Winter guitarist Michael Rappaport on second guitar)

    Alice Cooper Set List:

    1. Brutal Planet
    2. No More Mr. Nice Guy
    3. Under My Wheels
    4. Billion Dollar Babies
    5. Paranoic Personality (New Song)
    6. Woman Of Mass Destruction
    7. Nita Strauss Guitar Solo
    8. Poison
    9. Halo Of Flies
    10. Feed My Frankenstein
    11. Cold Ethyl
    12. Only Women Bleed
    13. Killer (partial)
    14. I Love The Dead
    15. I’m Eighteen
    16. Schools Out (w/Edgar Winter and Steve Morse joining in)

    Edgar Winter Set List:

    1. Free Ride
    2. Jumpin’ Jack Flash (The Rolling Stones cover)
    3. Tobacco Road
    4. Rock And Roll, Hoochie Koo
    5. Frankenstein

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