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    I Saw an Eagle: Don Henley Concert Review

    “This is for Glenn”.
    As spoken by Mr. Don Henley, at his concert in Cincinnati, which I attended Tuesday night of August 23, 2016.
    This was Mr. Henley’s tribute introduction to Glenn Frey, his fallen Eagles bandmate and collaborator who passed away earlier this year.
    And this was his introduction to The Eagles song Desperado, the final song of the night.
    This was a great concert for sure.
    Mr. Henley sang and played basically everything I wanted to hear.
    He sang many Eagles songs, solo hits, and several songs from his latest album, Cass County.
    As much as I loved seeing my favorite Eagle in concert, though, seeing him solo makes me wish forevermore that I had seen him with all his bandmates of The Eagles while I could.
    I will forever regret not going to see them.
    But I did see Mr. Henley.
    And that will do for me.
    Love and Peace everyone.

    Don Henley Set List:

    1. Seven Bridges Road
    2. Dirty Laundry
    3. That Old Flame (new song)
    4. Sunset Grill
    5. Witchy Woman
    6. Words Can Break Your Heart (new song)
    7. One Of These Nights
    8. When I Stop Dreaming (new song)
    9. New York Minute
    10. Shangri-La
    11. Bramble Rose (new song)
    12. It Don’t Matter To The Sun (Garth Brooks cover)
    13. I Don’t Want To Hear Anymore
    14. The End Of The Innocence
    15. The Last Resort
    16. Train In The Distance (new song)
    17. The Heart Of The Matter
    18. Everybody Wants To Rule The World (Tears For Fears cover-Amazing, spot on version)
    19. The Boys Of Summer
    20. Encore: Life In The Fast Lane
    21. Hotel California
    22. Desperado

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    Yacht Rock? Great Music I Think: Michael McDonald/Boz Scaggs Concert Review

    I had another fun night at a concert.
    I saw Boz Scaggs and Michael McDonald, two amazing singer/songwriter/musicians, in Cincinnati.
    This was the second time I saw Boz and the first time seeing Michael.
    Both are just exceptional talents and seem to be cool, professional people.
    And they both have great bands backing them.
    And of course, both have great songs.
    Boz played many of his solo songs, where Michael played Doobie Brothers songs he originally sang, wrote, and played on, solo hits, and some cool covers.
    Both were great, but Boz just takes the cake for me.
    Oh my gosh he is so amazing.
    His voice and songs are just magical to me.
    If anyone out there are not familiar with either one of these gentlemen, do yourself a favor and look up their songs.
    Well, my next concert is Tuesday, in which I’ll be seeing an Eagle, Mr. Don Henley, for the first time.
    My concert tour continues on, with no end in sight.
    Love and Peace everyone.

    Michael McDonald Set List:

    1. Freedom Highway (The Staple Singers cover)
    2. Sweet Freedom (from Running Scared Soundtrack)
    3. It Keeps You Runnin’ (The Doobie Brothers song)
    4. I Keep Forgettin’
    5. I Heard It Through The Grapevine (Gladys Knight & The Pips cover)
    6. If You Wanted To Hurt Me
    7. Obsession Blues
    8. What The World Needs Now Is Love (Burt Bacharach cover)
    9. Here To Love You (The Doobie Brothers song)
    10. No Love To Be Found
    11. Minute By Minute (The Doobie Brothers song)
    12. This Is It (Kenny Loggins cover)
    13. What A Fool Believes (The Doobie Brothers song)
    14. Encore:  What’s Going On (Marvin Gaye cover)
    15. On My Own 
    16. Yah Mo Be There
    17. Takin’ It To The Streets (The Doobie Brothers song)

    Boz Scaggs Set List:

    1. Runnin’ Blue
    2. Jojo
    3. Some Change
    4. Georgia
    5. Harbor Lights
    6. Miss Sun
    7. Until You Come Back to Me (That’s What I’m Gonna Do) (Stevie Wonder cover-Miss Monet Solo)
    8. Look What You’ve Done To Me
    9. Lowdown
    10. Lido Shuffle
    11. Encore:  What Can I Say
    12. Somebody (Loan Me A Dime-Fenton Robinson cover)
    13. Sick And Tired (Chris Kenner cover)

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    Born To Be Wild and Slow Ride: John Kay & Steppenwolf/Foghat Concert Review

    I went to another concert Wednesday.
    I saw John Kay And Steppenwolf, with Foghat opening, in Columbus, Ohio.
    Foghat played for about 45 minutes to an hour playing many classic songs, including their famous song “Slow Ride”, and a few new ones from their Under The Influence album.
    They sounded really good and tight.
    I’m glad I saw them and want to buy some of their albums.
    I had wanted to see John Kay And Steppenwolf for years, but just never got around to it.
    Well, I finally did see them, and am glad I did.
    John’s voice is still very strong, and his band are solid.
    They played many of their classic songs, as well as a few later songs.
    My favorite song of their set was “Monster”, which is still quite current, lyrically, to this day.
    It’s about the world we live in.
    Again, I had another fun night at a concert.
    My next concert is August 21, when I see Boz Scaggs and Michael McDonald.
    Then two days later, Don Henley.
    And a few more after that.
    Stay tuned.

    John Kay And Steppenwolf Band Members:

    Foghat Band Members:

    John Kay And Steppenwolf Set List:

    1. Sookie Sookie
    2. Rock & Roll Rebels
    3. Rock Me
    4. I’m Movin’ On
    5. Who Needs Ya
    6. Hey Lawdy Mama
    7. Hold On (Never Give Up, Never Give In)
    8. Ride With Me, Baby
    9. Screaming Night Hog
    10. Hoochie Coochie Man
    11. Snowblind Friend
    12. Monster
    13. Magic Carpet Ride
    14. Born To Be Wild
    15. Encore:  The Pusher

    Foghat Set List:

    1. Fool For The City
    2. Eight Days on the Road (Howard Tate cover)
    3. Under The Influence
    4. Drivin’ Wheel
    5. Stone Blue
    6. unknown song
    7. I Just Want To Make Love To You (Willie Dixon cover)
    8. Slow Ride

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    I Met Space Ace!!: Ace Frehley Concert Review

    A dream came true for me last night.
    I met my favorite guitar player ever.
    Mr. Ace Frehley, original lead guitarist and founding member of my favorite band KISS.
    I went with my best friend Jamie and my cousin Zachary to Louisville, Kentucky to see Space Ace with his solo band play at The Mercury Ballroom.
    Ace and his band played a very rocking set, featuring several of Ace’s KISS songs, a couple KISS songs originally sung by Paul Stanley, but in Ace’s band, they’re sung by his drummer Scott Coogan.
    Ace played several solo songs, too, and a very cool cover of Thin Lizzy’s Emerald.
    This song is on Ace’s new album Origins Volume 1.
    Ace also did his smoking guitar solo, like he always did in KISS.
    But that’s just part of what was a fun night out with friends and seeing one of my heroes, who I had not seen in 16 years, when he was still in KISS.
    I paid for Ace’s VIP, which enabled me to go onto to Ace’s tour bus, talk to him, get several things signed, and get my picture taken with the man.
    Now, I was definitely star struck, but I played it as cool as possible, and tried not to get too gushy on him.
    We actually talked about Edwin Lionel Meadows , AKA Punky Meadows, whose a Facebook friend of mine and plays guitar for a band called Angel, who were on KISS’ record label in the 70s.
    Punky has a great new solo album out.
    I told Punky I was going to meet Ace, and he told me to say hey to him.
    Well Punky, I kept my word.
    Ace asked me if I heard Punky’s new album.
    I said I did and really like it (called Fallen Angel), and that it’s one of my favorite albums of the year.
    Ace told me he needed to check it out.
    Ace asked me where I was from.
    I told him I was from Ashland, Kentucky, and I told him I had not seen him since 2000, when he played with KISS in Charleston, WV.
    When our pic was taken, Ace said “Get ready for the big picture”.
    I told him thank you for doing this.
    He said “it’s my pleasure” and “to get home safe”.
    These are moments I live for.
    I can actually say that I met one of my biggest heroes and that he was nice to me.
    That means the world to me.
    Just seeing him rock out is enough reward for me, but to have actually met him and talked to him is simply the best feeling I may ever have.
    And I mean that.
    Wow! What a year this has been.
    And believe it or not, I’m not quite done yet.
    But this was/is a true happy life moment for me.
    I hope you enjoyed reading this almost as much as I did living it.
    Love and Peace, and as KISS say, “Rock And Roll All Night, and Party Every Day”.

    Ace Frehley Set List:

    1. Rip It Out
    2. Toys
    3. Rocket Ride
    4. Love Gun (sung by Ace’s drummer Scott Coogan, who also played in a band with Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue and Tracii Guns of LA Guns called Brides Of Destruction.)
    5. Snowblind
    6. Sister
    7. Emerald (Thin Lizzy cover)
    8. Bring It On Home (Willie Dixon cover, most famously done by Led Zeppelin.)
    9. Rock Soldiers
    10. Chris Wyse Bass Solo
    11. Strange Ways (sung by Chris Wyse)
    12. New York Groove
    13. 2 Young To Die (sung by Ace’s other guitarist Richie Scarlet, who has played with Ace on and off for over 25 years.)
    14. Shock Me
    15. Ace’s Smoking Guitar Solo!
    16. Cold Gin
    17. Encore: Detroit Rock City (sung by Scott Coogan)
    18. Deuce

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