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    Metal Gods: Judas Priest and Queensryche Concert Review

    This was my 6th time seeing Priest and 3rd time seeing Queensryche.
    Queensryche started the show with a mostly old school set.
    I’ll always be a Geoff Tate fan but Todd LaTorre is amazing.
    Two original members guitarist Michael Wilton and bassist Eddie Jackson are still great.
    Returning guitarist Mike Stone is great.
    And newer drummer Casey Grillo plays Scott Rockenfield’s parts very well.
    They dedicated Take Hold Of The Flame to Taylor Hawkins of the Foo Fighters, who passed away Friday.
    Casey’s left kick drum also said RIP Taylor on it.
    Queensryche rules!!!!
    Then the MIGHTY Judas Priest came on and played for almost 2 hours, playing a pretty cohesive set from most of their albums.
    Rob Halford is one of my favorite singers and heroes and he’s still incredible!!!
    Guitarist Richie Faulkner, who had a bad health scare last year, is back with a vengeance.
    Touring guitarist and their producer/mixer Andy Sneap is great and he’s playing more solos than he did when I saw them in 2018.
    The longest standing member, bassist Ian Hill, is still solid as a rock.
    And their longest standing drummer Scott Travis is soooooooo underrated.
    And guess what?! I saw guitarist Glenn Tipton!!!!
    Since 2018, he’s mostly not performed at the concerts because he has Parkinson’s Disease but he still comes out from time to time and plays part of the encore.
    He did that tonight!!!!!!
    Oh, and during their song Desert Plains, they put a picture of Taylor Hawkins up on the screen.
    What a great concert!!
    I love both of these bands.
    This is what I live for.
    My next concert is Saturday in Columbus, Ohio when I’ll be seeing As We Die World Tour 2022 – Doyle & Wednesday 13

    Judas Priest Band Members:

    Queensryche Band Members:

    Judas Priest Set List:

    1. Intro (Battle Hymn)/One Shot At Glory
    2. Lightning Strikes
    3. You’ve Got Another Thing Coming
    4. Freewheel Burning
    5. Turbo Lover
    6. Hell Patrol
    7. The Sentinel
    8. A Touch Of Evil
    9. Rocka Rolla
    10. Victim Of Changes
    11. Desert Plains
    12. Blood Red Skies
    13. The Green Manalishi (With The Two-Pronged Crown)
    14. Diamonds And Rust
    15. Painkiller
    16. The Hellion/Electric Eye
    17. Hell Bent For Leather
    18. Encore (All with Glenn Tipton):  Metal Gods
    19. Breaking The Law
    20. Living After Midnight

    Queensryche Set List:

    1. Queen Of The Reich
    2. Warning
    3. En Force
    4. Empire
    5. NM 156
    6. The Whisper
    7. Operation Mindcrime
    8. The Needle Lies
    9. Take Hold Of The Flame
    10. Screaming In Digital
    11. Eyes Of A Stranger

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    Heavy and Loud!!: Slaughter Concert Review

    I saw Slaughter live in Columbus, Ohio.
    A great loud, heavy, rocking concert.
    Mark Slaughter still has that amazing voice.
    Bassist Dana Strum is awesome.
    Guitarist Jeff Blando is amazing.
    And drummer Will Hunt is a beast.
    We got a bonus track they haven’t played:  I Don’t Know by Ozzy Osbourne.
    This was in tribute to guitarist Randy Rhoads, who passed away 40 years ago on the day of this concert.
    Dana Strum was actually the one who put Randy and Ozzy together.
    A great concert!
    I got one of Dana’s picks, even though it has Jeff Blando’ name on it.
    I also saw The F-Bomb and South Of Eden, two great local bands.
    My next concert is Judas Priest and Queensrÿche next Sunday.

    Slaughter Band Members:

    Slaughter Set List:

    1. Mad About You
    2. Burnin’ Bridges
    3. Spend My Life
    4. Immigrant Song
    5. Eye To Eye
    6. The Wild Life
    7. Days Gone By
    8. Real Love
    9. Fly To The Angels
    10. Up All Night/Won’t Get Fooled Again ending
    11. I Don’t Know

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    United: New Edition Concert Review

    I saw another group I never thought I would see.
    That was New Edition.
    I saw them in Cincinnati, Ohio.
    It was a very fun show.
    Jodeci opened and he was fun, but of course, I was there to see New Edition.
    All the guys (Singers Bobby Brown, Johnny Gill, Ralph Tresvant, Ronnie DeVoe, Michael Bivins, and Ricky Bell) were having fun singing and doing some pretty cool dancing/choreography.
    And lots of songs.
    New Edition songs and songs from the guys’ solo outputs.
    A lot of fun and a huge bucket list show off my list.
    I have three more concerts this month and more after that.
    I’m doing what I love again and that’s going to concerts!!

    New Edition Set List:

    1. Candy Girl
    2. Mr. Telephone Man
    3. If It Isn’t Love
    4. Roni (Bobby Brown song)
    5. My My My (Johnny Gill song)
    6. Do Me! (Bell Biv Devoe song)
    7. Fairweather Friend (Johnny Gill song)
    8. You’re Not My Kind Of Girl
    9. Hit Me Off
    10. N.E. Heart Break
    11. Jealous Girl
    12. Is This The End
    13. Cool It Now
    14. My Secret (Didja Get It Yet?)
    15. Count Me Out
    16. Every Little Step (Bobby Brown song)
    17. Love TKO (David Oliver cover song)
    18. Boys To Men (Make It Last Forever-Keith Sweat cover song, Sweet Thing-Rufus & Chaka Khan cover song)
    19. Sensitivity (Ralph Tresvant song)
    20. When Will I See You Smile Again? (Bell Biv Devoe song)
    21. Rock Wit’cha (Bobby Brown song)
    22. Poison (Bell Biv Devoe song)
    23. My Prerogative (Bobby Brown song)
    24. Rub You The Right Way (Johnny Gill song)
    25. Can You Stand The Rain

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