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    Kiss From a Rose and Video Killed The Radio Star: Seal and Trevor Horn of The Buggles Concert Review

    Such a great way to end my weekend.
    Seal and The Buggles.
    The Buggles were the first band to have a video on MTV.
    Singer/multi instrumentalist/producer Trevor Horn is still doing it (keyboardist Geoff Downes is very busy in Yes now).
    Great little set.
    Seal used all of The Buggles band for his show. The drummer and keyboardist have been with him from the very beginning. Trevor Horn is also his producer and friend.
    His set mostly focused on his first two albums.
    Seal is one of my favorite singers and his songs have been there for me through good and bad times.
    His second album (self titled or Seal 2) and Human Being are two of my favorite albums of all time.
    Sooooo phenomenal.

    Seal Set List:

    1. Crazy
    2. The Beginning
    3. Deep Water
    4. Whirlpool
    5. Future Love Paradise
    6. Violet
    7. Bring It On
    8. Prayer For The Dying
    9. Don’t Cry
    10. Fast Changes
    11. Killer (Seal sang this song walking around in the crowd)
    12. Kiss From A Rose
    13. Encore:  Get It Together
    14. Love’s Divine

    The Buggles Set List:

    1. Two Tribes
    2. Living In The Plastic Age
    3. Elstree
    4. I Am A Camera
    5. Owner Of A Lonely Heart
    6. Video Killed The Radio Star

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