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    Fozzy Rocks!: Fozzy Concert Review

    Mariah Startzman and I had such a great time at the Fozzy concert at Bogarts in Cincinnati, Ohio Sunday.
    The Nocturnal Affair and Seventh Day Slumber opened the show. Both of them were very good.
    But the main event was Fozzy. Chris Jericho Rich Ward and all the guys in the band put on a very fun, loud and rocking show.
    Chris is such a great frontman. He even had everyone sing Happy Birthday to a little boy in the crowd.
    I have all their albums (my favorites are Chasing The Grail, Do You Wanna Start A War, Judas, and Boombox) and have followed them from the beginning over 20 years ago.
    They really kick butt but are also just fun.
    That’s what music is supposed to be.
    Also, they put on quite the meet and greet experience too.
    They played a bonus set (Sane, Burn Me Out, Martyr No More, Eat The Rich, and the Loverboy classic Everybody’s Working For The Weekend), took group photos, signed things and answered people’s questions.
    Thank you guys for such a great time.
    Keep on rocking.

    Fozzy Band Members:

    Fozzy VIP Meet and Greet Set List:

    1. Sane
    2. Burn Me Out
    3. Martyr No More
    4. Eat The Rich
    5. Everybody’s Working For The Weekend

    Fozzy Main Set List:

    1. Sane
    2. Drinkin’ With Jesus
    3. Nowhere To Run
    4. Do You Wanna Start a War
    5. Lights Go Out
    6. Relax
    7. I Still Burn
    8. Burn Me Out
    9. Spider In My Mouth
    10. God Pounds His Nails
    11. Purifier
    12. The Vulture Club
    13. Enemy
    14. Encore:  Judas
    15. Blitzkrieg Bop

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