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    What a Great Day: Jack Russell’s Great White Concert Review

    First off, thank you Robby Lochner!!
    I owe you a lot.
    Thanks to him (he’s one of the guitarists of Jack Russell’s Great White), I had an even more fun time seeing the band for the second time.
    I got to hang out at sound check, got to sit on stage on the drum riser and watch the band go through their sound check, and later on, I had a great time seeing the show (I’d seen them last year too at this same venue actually, Blue Note Harrison), and I got to meet the man himself Jack Russell after the show. I got my picture taken with him and Robby and he signed 3 of my favorite Great White CDs. Two of which are his favorites too and he told me that (Can’t Get There From Here, which is my favorite, and He Saw It Comin’). I also got Hooked signed, which I really love too. I had a lot more CD booklets with me, which he was impressed by (I have all but four live albums) but I said I didn’t expect him to sign everything because I was blessed to meet him and to have this special day and I didn’t want to take up too much of his time.
    But ultimately I got what I wanted signed.
    He’s a very kind man, loves his fans, and loves what he does, which is being in my opinion one of the greatest singers there is. He was very kind to me and thanked me for being a fan.
    He and his band are fantastic. I truly can’t wait for more new music from them and to see them again sometime.
    I would’ve seen the show and had a great time regardless, but thanks to Robby (phenomenal guitar player and even more phenomenal person), I got to have a very special day.
    Anyone who has seen my posts knows that music and going to concerts makes me more happy than anything.
    However, occasions like this are even more special. None of this had to happen, but it did and I’m forever grateful.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you Robby. If you ever play anywhere else near me, feel free to allow me to buy you and all the guys lunch or dinner.
    And thank you Jack for all the music, and for being such a great person.
    Love you all. You all rock!!!
    Keep on doing it.
    Setlist-Desert Moon, Heart The Hunter, Wooden Jesus, Mista Bone (with Come Together), Save Your Love (with Nathaniel Peck), Gone With the Wind, Old Rose Motel, Lady Redlight, Can’t Shake It, All Over Now, Face The Day, Call It Rock ‘N’ Roll, Rock Me, Once Bitten Twice Shy

    Jack Russell's Great White Band Members:

    Set List:

    1. Desert Moon
    2. Heart The Hunter
    3. Wooden Jesus
    4. Mista Bone (w/Come Together)
    5. Save Your Love (w/Nathaniel Peck on guest vocals singing with Jack)
    6. Gone With The Wind
    7. Old Rose Motel
    8. Lady Redlight
    9. Can’t Shake It
    10. All Over Now
    11. Face The Day
    12. Call It Rock ‘N’ Roll
    13. Rock Me
    14. Once Bitten Twice Shy

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    Rock Me!! Great White/Riley’s LA Guns/Lost Hearts Concert Review

    Wow what a fun time I had in Michigan.
    Very cool place.
    I was fortunate enough to be part of Riley’s LA Guns’ meet and greet, brought on a local radio show, before the concert.
    I got to speak to all of the band, they signed my CD insert, and I got my picture taken with them.
    They were all very kind and appreciative.
    I told them how much I love the music they’re doing and I look forward to their new album.
    The singer/co-guitarist Kurt Frohlich told me I will love it, which I have no doubt. He also gave me a guitar pick, which glows in the dark.
    Lead guitarist Scott Griffin was very cool too.
    Bassist Kelly Nickels was not here for some reason but the bassist they had was great and nice too.
    Drummer Steve Riley (LA Guns, W.A.S.P., The B’ZZ, Keel, Steppenwolf) was super cool. I told him how much I love his drumming, especially on the W.A.S.P. album The Last Command. He was super appreciative.
    All the guys were great and yes I know they are one of two LA Guns bands out there.
    Classic singer Phil Lewis and guitarist/founder Tracii Guns do that one and are still making phenomenal albums.
    Usually, I can’t stand when two bands are out there but in this case, I’m ok with it. Both are great and I’m allowed to like both.
    Anyway, I’m being long winded here but again, I appreciate all the guys, the radio station 94.7 WCSX, and Smugglers for putting this on. You made my year.
    Now to the actual concert.
    Starting off was an up and coming band called Lost Hearts.
    They are a very good four piece rock and roll band. They have a few singles out and are playing as many dates as they can, and I must say I’m impressed.
    They played mostly originals but also played a cool KISS cover (Come On and Love Me).
    I want albums from these guys and I wish them all the best in the future. Rock on guys!!
    Then, Riley’s LA Guns took the stage and rocked the house, playing many of the band’s classics, some great songs from their last album Renegades, which I love, plus a song from their upcoming album.
    Thank you guys for everything and for rocking and rolling like you do.
    Then Great White ended the night with a great set of classic GW songs.
    New singer Brett Carlisle (thanks for the friend request and for the fist bumps) is a great fit for this band.
    Yes I still am a huge Jack Russell fan too and I support his band too (Jack Russell’s Great White who are phenomenal and great people too), but again, I love both bands and that should be ok. I also got a guitar pick from the great Mark Kendall!!
    Thank you sir.
    Nights like this is what I live for.

    Great White Band Members:

    Riley's LA Guns Band Members:

    Lost Hearts Band Members:

    Great White Set List:

    1. Desert Moon
    2. Lady Redlight
    3. Stick It
    4. Face The Day
    5. House Of Broken Love
    6. Rollin’ Stoned
    7. Angel
    8. Big Time
    9. Blues Jam
    10. Mista Bone
    11. The Big Goodbye
    12. Save Your Love
    13. Rock Me
    14. Once Bitten Twice Shy

    Riley's LA Guns Set List:

    1. Over The Edge
    2. Never Enough
    3. Sex Action
    4. Crawl
    5. Wild Obession
    6. Lost Boys
    7. Kiss My Love Goodbye
    8. Somebody Save Me (New Song)
    9. The Ballad Of Jayne
    10. Electric Gypsy

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