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    Can’t Get Enough!: Kip Winger Concert Review

    Thanks Kip Winger for the fantastic acoustic show in Cincinnati.
    I bought a shirt and your Classical CD, which was the only solo album of yours that I did not have.
    All your solo albums and albums with the band Winger are phenomenal.
    My favorites are Winger IV and Better Days Comin’ (which is my favorite album of 2014). I can’t wait to buy Winger 7 May 5.
    Keep on rocking sir.

    Band Members:

    Set List:

    1. Cross
    2. Easy Come Easy Go
    3. Who’s The One
    4. Cant’ Get Enough
    5. Hungry
    6. Ever Wonder
    7. Rainbow In The Rose
    8. Miles Away (Kip picked a woman out of the audience to the sing the song with him)
    9. Free
    10. Steam
    11. Pages and Pages
    12. Where Will You Go
    13. Headed For a Heartbreak
    14. Down Incognito
    15. Just What I Needed (some of it)
    16. Madalaine
    17. Seventeen

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