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    “Burn with me, heaven’s on fire!” Kuarantine Concert Review

           Thank you Chris Jericho and all of Kuarantine for such a great, fun show in Franklin, Ohio. For those that don’t know, this is a non makeup era KISS tribute band. I love all KISS albums but especially the 80s/90s period. And this band gives those songs the love and respect they deserve. Thank you guys.
           Plus, this was my first show since having a biopsy. It felt great being back in the saddle.
           I’ll be busy this month with more shows. 

    Kuarantine Band Members:

    Set List (including original KISS album):

    1.  I Just Wanna (“Revenge”)
    2. Heaven’s On Fire (“Animalize”)
    3. Heart of Chrome (“Revenge”)
    4. Thou Shalt Not (“Revenge”)
    5. Charlie Parra guitar solo
    6. Love’s A Deadly Weapon (“Asylum”)
    7. Cold Gin (“Kiss”)
    8. Joe McGinness guitar solo
    9. No No No (“Crazy Nights”)
    10. Silver Spoon (“Hot in the Shade”)
    11. Who Wants to Be Lonely (“Asylum”)
    12. Love Gun (“Love Gun”)
    13. Uh! All Night (“Asylum”)
    14.  Lick It Up (“Lick It Up”)

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