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    My Review of “Metallica M72 World Tour Live in Cinemas” Night 1

    I went to my local theater in Ashland, Kentucky to see Night 1 of a live Metallica concert film.

    It really was live, shown in at least 2,500 theaters throughout the U.S.

    This was night 1 of 2 concerts they are doing in Dallas, TX on August 18 and August 20 of 2023 (one repeat of each show is being shown in the same theaters the following night after each one).

    The show started at 9 PM CT (10 PM ET where I was) and of course if you’re a Metallica fan, you know they are phenomenal live.

    Well, they still are phenomenal live.

    They give you everything they have and never disappoint.

    It was great seeing and hearing them on the big screen and multiple speakers.

    My only complaint is that I should have arrived at the theater shortly before 10 PM instead of 9:15 PM because I had to sit through 45 minutes of crowd shots, audio of various artists covering Metallica, and people in the live crowd doing the wave (which I hate and have never understood).  Also, music was playing over people talking in promo ads, which eventually was fixed.  And, sometimes the audio was distorted.

    Aside from that, it was great.

    I’ll be at the second night, but I’ll be at the repeat one since I’ll be seeing Jethro Tull for real in concert Sunday night of August 20.  This I find kind of funny and ironic because Jethro Tull unfortunately beat out Metallica for a Metal Grammy in the late 80s.  I say unfortunate because Jethro Tull are NOT a Metal band.  But they are a good rock band though.

    Either way, kind of funny.

    Set List:

    1. Creeping Death
    2. Harvester of Sorrow
    3. Leper Messiah
    4. King Nothing
    5. Lux Aeterna
    6. Too Far Gone?
    7. Kirk and Robert Jam/Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
    8. Shadows Follow
    9. Orion
    10. Kirk Doodle/Nothing Else Matters
    11. Sad But True
    12. The Day That Never Comes
    13. Hardwired
    14. Fuel
    15. Seek And Destroy
    16. Master of Puppets

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