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    Thank You David Crosby (RIP): Snarky Puppy Concert Review

    I finally saw the band Snarky Puppy today.
    The show was at The Ritter in Huntington, WV.
    I went with my brother and his girlfriend. We had a great time.
    Nate Wood opened with a very cool set of music in which he sings and/or plays everything. Super talent.
    Then the Puppy took the stage.
    Led by bassist and really multi instrumentalist Michael League, who celebrated his birthday today (Happy Birthday!!), he and his huge band played a bunch of music from their latest album Empire Central, along with some older songs.
    They are a very sophisticated instrumental jazz/pop band (think Steely Dan but no vocals and even more sophisticated).
    I highly recommend checking them out.
    Thanks David Crosby (RIP, I miss you) for turning me onto their music.
    Also, Michael League is an excellent singer and has recorded some amazing albums with David (Lighthouse, Here If You Listen, and Live From The Capital Theatre).
    Awesome show.

    Snarky Puppy Band Members (Not all of them were at this show)

    Set List:

    1. Cliroy
    2. Coney Bear
    3. Broken Arrow
    4. East Bay
    5. Pineapple
    6. Mean Green
    7. Trinity
    8. Take It!
    9. Sleeper (Everyone sang Happy Birthday to Michael League)
    10. Encore:  What About Me?

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