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My 1st Wrestling Show in 16 Years

I’ve been a wrestling fan since I was 6 or 7 years old, but I did not watch it as much for many years because I was focused on other things. 

However, I got back into it more many years later and this was the first wrestling show I went to since 1991 when I was 8.  I was 25 at this point.

It was the same venue I saw my first wrestling show at too.

I know I have pictures of this event, but I currently cannot find them.  If I do find them, I will add them, but until then, here are my thoughts, and the results of the show, courtesy of web site are listed below.

It was great seeing “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan wrestle.  I’ve been a fan of his since I was little.  I got to see then WWE Champion John Cena wrestle Randy Orton.  They had a big feud at the time and have wrestled each other many times.  And it was cool to see Jerry “The King” Lawler wrestle King Booker (more known as Booker T).

There were other wrestlers too but those are some of my thoughts.

This was a fun show and it was great seeing wrestling live in person again.  I’m sorry I did not see as much of it in person when I was younger.

Here are the complete results below, again courtesy of web site:

Photo Gallery (click on thumbnail to view larger image)

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