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I Finally Saw a Member of Led Zeppelin: Robert Plant & Alison Krauss with T. Bone Burnett Concert Review

A close friend of my Aunt Kim’s, Barry Gillum, and I went to see Robert Plant & Alison Krauss w/T. Bone Burnett playing guitar with them in Louisville, KY.

This was actually the first night of their Raising Sand tour.

They released this album in 2007, and it became a huge hit, winning a lot of Grammys.

The show consisted mostly of songs from the album, plus some songs from Robert’s time as the singer of Led Zeppelin and some solo stuff, along with some of Alison’s stuff, and T. Bone sang a few songs too.

The band was a super tight unit.

And hearing Robert and Alison sing together is just magical.

Everyone was having fun, but also very casual and laid back.

It was a great night and start to a tour (We along with my Aunt Kim saw them again later in the year.)

I’m not saying much I know, but this is 15 years after the show, so I’ll just say it was great, and I’m glad I got to see the singer of Led Zeppelin singing with another phenomenal singer in Alison.

Set List:

  1. Rich Woman
  2. Leave My Woman Alone
  3. Black Dog
  4. Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us
  5. Through The Morning, Through The Night
  6. Fortune Teller
  7. Black Country Woman
  8. 29 Palms
  9. The Long Time Now
  10. Bon Temps Rouler
  11. Trampled Rose
  12. Green Pastures
  13. Down To The River To Pray
  14. Nothin’
  15. Killing The Blues
  16. When The Levee Breaks
  17. The Battle Of Evermore
  18. Please Read The Letter
  19. Gone Gone Gone
  20. Encore:  Stick With Me Baby
  21. I’m A One-Woman Man
  22. Your Long Journey

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