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I Saw Chris Jericho Wrestle

Another WWE house show (non-televised event) I went to.

Again, I don’t remember a ton of it (I’m typing this in 2023.) but I do remember seeing Chris Jericho wrestle.

I really like Jericho a lot.  I especially like him as a singer of his band Fozzy, and just the fact he is such a huge music fan like I am.

I’ve since seen Fozzy in concert, went to their meet and greet, and saw Jericho sing for his KISS tribute band Kuarantine, which is a lot of fun.

Again, I’m sorry I don’t have much to say, but again, I know it was a fun show because they always are.

However, I did find the find the results, which I’m posting here, courtesy of web site.

Photo Gallery (click on thumbnail to view larger image)

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