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Loudest Show I’ve Seen: Alice In Chains Concert Review

My friend Jamie and I went to see Alice In Chains in Huntington, WV.

Shooter Jennings (the son of Waylon Jennings) opened the show with a pretty good set of songs.  Musically, he’s all over the place, but good stuff though.

I think Jamie was there to see Shooter more, which is fine.

But I was there to see Alice In Chains.

They had regrouped a few years before this with a new Co-Singer/occasional Guitarist William Duvall taking the spot held by Layne Staley, who sadly passed away in 2002.

The rest of the band was still Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter Jerry Cantrell, Bassist Mike Inez, and Drummer Sean Kinney.

They had released the favorite album of the year previous to this year, Black Gives Way To Blue.

They played a number of songs from it, plus plenty of AIC classics and deep cuts.

They were phenomenal, but as I type this in 2023, I can still say as I said then and since then that this was the loudest show I’ve ever seen.

I almost always wear ear plugs to shows (I did this night), and I’m saying that my hearing has never quite been the same since this show.

Maybe it was a culmination of all the shows and music I’d heard leading up to this night, but still, it was the loudest show I’ve ever seen.

Great, but loud.

Alice In Chains Set List:

  1. All Secrets Known (New Song)
  2. It Ain’t Like That
  3. Again
  4. Check My Brain (New Song)
  5. Them Bones
  6. Dam That River
  7. Rain When I Die
  8. Your Decision (New Song)
  9. Got Me Wrong
  10. We Die Young
  11. A Looking In View (New Song)
  12. Rotten Apple
  13. Heaven Beside You
  14. Sickman
  15. Grind
  16. Angry Chair
  17. Man In The Box
  18. Encore:  Acid Bubble (New Song)
  19. Would?
  20. Rooster

Shooter Jennings Set List:

  1. Last Night Radio 11:01 PM
  2. Wake Up!
  3. Triskaidekaphobia
  4. Don’t Feed The Animals
  5. Lights In The Sky
  6. Summer Of Rage
  7. Black Ribbons
  8. When The Radio Goes Dead

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