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I Went to a Wrestling PPV!!

My cousin Zachary and I went to a TNA Wrestling PPV event in Cincinnati, OH.

It was called Lockdown.

This was a lot of fun.

We both had ringside seats.

We got to see Kurt Angle wrestle Jeff Jarrett in a steel cage (in fact all of the matches at this PPV were in a steel cage, hence the title Lockdown).  Kurt actually did a moonsault right off the top of the cage, which was AWESOME to behold.

We got to see one of our favorite wrestlers Scott Steiner wrestle in a tag team match, which was cool.

We got to see Sting vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Mr. Anderson, which was really cool.  Especially when my favorite wrestler ever, Hulk Hogan, came out to ringside to interfere.

We got to see two feuding factions (Fortune and Immortal) face off.

That’s just some of the highlights.

I took lots of pictures, but as I type this in 2023, I cannot find them, but I know they are somewhere I can find them at.  Once I do, I’ll post them to this review.

Until then, I’ll just post my ticket stub, as well as the front and back cover of my DVD I bought of the PPV later on that year.

This was a great event to see in person.


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