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1st Time Seeing Alice Cooper

I’m typing this in 2023 and I can say I’ve been an Alice Cooper fan for 25  years.

I’ve seen him many times, have all his albums, and love all of it (except for his first two albums, they’re not that great).

But this was the first time I saw him concert:  13 years after I became a fan.

Yeah it took me awhile to see him, but thank goodness I finally did.

He and his band, which have mostly been the same since I first saw him (Guitarists Ryan Roxie, Orianthi and Steve Hunter, Bassist Chuck Garric, and Drummer Glen Sobel at the time), have always been great.

Alice always has great musicians around him anyways.

And the songs are just beyond classic.

I can’t say enough about Alice.

He’s PHENOMENAL.  Still making great albums and doing great shows.

Set List:

  1. Tape:  Vincent Price Intro
  2. The Black Widow
  3. Brutal Planet
  4. I’m Eighteen
  5. Under My Wheels
  6. Billion Dollar Babies
  7. No More Mr. Nice Guy
  8. Hey Stoopid
  9. Is It My Body
  10. Halo Of Flies
  11. I’ll Bite Your Face Off (New Song)
  12. Muscle Of Love
  13. Only Women Bleed
  14. Cold Ethyl
  15. Feed My Frankenstein
  16. Clones (We’re All)
  17. Poison
  18. Wicked Young Man
  19. Killer (partial)
  20. I Love The Dead (partial)
  21. School’s Out
  22. Encore:  Elected

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