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    Epitaph? Not Quite: Judas Priest/Black Label Society/Thin Lizzy Concert Review

    This was supposed to be Judas Priest’s farewell tour, hence why it was called Epitaph.

    But luckily, it turned out not to be, because as I type this in 2023, they are still around making albums and touring.  I’m glad.

    However, last tour or not, this was a great tour and lineup of bands.

    A newer incarnation of Thin Lizzy opened.

    Classic members Scott Gorham (Guitar), Brian Downey (Drums), and Darrell Wharton (Keyboards) were there, along with new singer Ricky Warwick, who sounds uncannily like Phil Lynott (RIP).  The band was rounded out by Bassist Marco Mendoza and Guitarist Richard Fortus, who also plays in Guns N Roses.

    They played an awesome set of Thin Lizzy classics.

    Sadly, they’re only known for two songs in America, The Boys Are Back In Town and Jailbreak.  Both great songs, but trust me, they have sooooooooo many great songs.  Please do yourself a favor and seek out their music.  They rock.

    Next was Black Label Society, which is Singer/Guitarist Zakk Wylde’s band.

    They’re a very good band and Zakk is incredible, but to my ears, as well as my cousin Zachary’s who was there with me, they sounded terrible that night.  SOOOO loud and distorted.  The mix was awful.  I’m sorry but it was.  Again I love Zakk but the mix was awful.  I’m sure most of their shows sound great, but to our ears, they were not great on this night.  Maybe it was just where we were because I later heard an audio bootleg and they sounded fine.  I don’t know.

    Thank goodness that was not the case with Thin Lizzy or the headliner Judas Priest!!

    They went on a little after 10 PM and played until after Midnight.

    Tons of songs from almost every album they had released up to that point.

    Singer Rob Halford forever a commander of the stage and singing/screaming his head off like no other.

    Guitarists Glenn Tipton and newcomer at the time Richie Faulkner (replacing KK Downing, who left the band) playing phenomenally.

    Bassist Ian Hill and Drummer Scott Travis solid as a rock, like always.

    Priest are one of my favorite bands ever and I try to go see them every chance I get.

    They never let me down.

    Judas Priest Set List:

    1. Intro Tape (Battle Hymn)
    2. Rapid Fire
    3. Metal Gods
    4. Heading Out To The Highway
    5. Judas Rising
    6. Starbreaker
    7. Victim Of Changes
    8. Never Satisfies
    9. Diamonds & Rust
    10. Intro Tape (Dawn Of Creation)
    11. Prophecy
    12. Night Crawler
    13. Turbo Lover
    14. Beyond The Realms Of Death
    15. The Sentinel
    16. Blood Red Skies
    17. The Green Manalishi (With The Two-Pronged Crown)
    18. Breaking The Law (Rob did not sing this.  He let the audience sing it.  It was a rush!!)
    19. Painkiller
    20. Encore:  The Hellion/Electric Eye
    21. Hell Bent For Leather
    22. You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’
    23. Encore 2:  Living After Midnight

    Black Label Society Set List:

    1. Intro Tape:  New Religion
    2. Crazy Horse
    3. Funeral Bell
    4. Bleed For Me
    5. Suicide Messiah
    6. Overlord
    7. Parade Of The Dead
    8. Fire It Up
    9. Guitar Solo
    10. Godspeed Hell Bound
    11. Concrete Jungle
    12. Stillborn

    Thin Lizzy Set List:

    1. Are You Ready
    2. Waiting For An Alibi
    3. Jailbreak
    4. Massacre
    5. Emerald
    6. Killer On The Loose
    7. Rosalie (Bob Seger cover)
    8. Roisun Dubh (Black Rose):  A Rock Legend
    9. Cowboy Song
    10. The Boys Are Back In Town

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