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I Met Arnold!! Arnold Sports Festival 2016

Best day ever!!!
I went to see one of my biggest heroes, Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger, speak at his annual seminar at the Arnold Sports Festival, in Columbus, Ohio.
For those of you that don’t know, the Arnold Sports Festival encompasses many different types of competitions.
Particularly bodybuilding, but also gymnastics, boxing, MMA, wrestling, and so many more.
It’s a 4 day event, in which Arnold started with Ohio businessman Jim Lorimer, back in the mid 70s after Arnold retired the first time as a professional body builder (he competed one more time in 1980 in which he won the Mr. Olympia for a then record 7th time).
On the last day of the event, Arnold speaks for roughly an hour or more with a crowd of about 300-400 people about his career, bodybuilding, nutrition, and just motivation in general.
He usually takes questions from the audience, but he had to leave after about 50 minutes.
He did talk about his upcoming movie 478, The Celebrity Apprentice, which he’s hosting this upcoming season, and he interviewed this year’s winner of The Arnold Classic bodybuilding competition, Kai Greene.
But here is the best thing that happened, from my perspective, at least.
I was sitting in the front row on an isle seat, and I swear he entered from a doorway right beside my seat!!
And before he took the stage, he said “hi how are you?” to me!!! Yes to me.
And at the end when he was leaving, I told him, as a fan, that I loved him, and he shook my hand, and said “good to see you”!!!
I did not get a selfie, but hey, I’m not complaining.
I got to speak to and shake the hand of one of my biggest heroes ever.
Maybe next time I will get a selfie, though. Oh yeah!
Even though I did not get a selfie, I did take pictures of him, though.
I will post them below.
I hope you enjoyed reading this almost as much as I did experiencing it.
Love and Peace.

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