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Three Awesome Bands: Heart/Joan Jett & The Blackhearts/Cheap Trick Concert Review

I saw another fun concert in Cincinnati Friday night.
I saw Heart, Joan Jett And The Blackhearts, and Cheap Trick.
Cheap Trick started the night with a rocking set of songs from their cool career.
This was actually the first time I had ever seen them, and until recently, I can honestly say I was not a huge fan.
I liked them, but never understood why people that I really like, like Slash, Scott Ian, Sebastian Bach, Eddie Trunk, and others sang their praises as one of their favorite bands.
Well I now get why a bit more.
I have most of their albums now, including their new one, Bang Zoom Crazy Hello, and I definitely am digging them quite a bit more.
Their new album, especially, is really good.
They played one song from this album, Blood Red Lips, when I saw them, and I swear I was probably the only one singing along.
That’s one peeve I have.
Music fans: buy the band’s albums, including their new ones. Study them, listen to them, and support them.
Yes I guess I’m a minority, but I still buy albums by my favorite bands, and bands I’m still getting into, like Cheap Trick.
I hate it when bands play new songs, and no one cares.
Again, I know I’m a minority here, but when I go to a show, I don’t mind hearing new stuff.
And oh by the way, Cheap Trick’s new album, Bang Zoom Crazy Hello, is really good.
I know I already said that, but it was worth saying again.
Anyway, rant over.
Cheap Trick put on a great show, though.
Singer/Guitarist Robin Zander has lost nothing in his voice.
Lead Guitarist Rick Nielsen is a solid player, bassist Tom Petersson is great, and their drummer, Rick’s son Dax, is a monster.
They rock.
Check them out.
Especially check out their new album (Bang Zoom Crazy Hello) and let me know what you think.
Also, check out their first album, which is self titled, In Color, their live album At Budokan, and their 2006 album Rockford.
Joan Jett And The Blackhearts were next.
This was the second time I had seen them.
They rock, period!
I love Joan. She is just incredible.
She may actually be my favorite woman in rock.
Although I’ll be talking about two other great women in rock shortly.
But I can’t say enough about Joan.
She is incredible.
Great singer/songwriter/rhythm guitarist.
Her band is solid.
She played songs from throughout her lengthy, legendary, amazing career.
She also played four great songs from her most recent album, 2013’s Unvarnished.
Get this album, and all her albums.
Including the albums she did with her previous band The Runaways.
All great stuff.
And go see her and her band.
You will have fun believe me.
I would gladly go see Joan anytime.
And now to the headliners Heart!!
Again, like Cheap Trick, this was the first time I had seen the sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson and their band in concert. And they did not disappoint.
They played many of their hits, two songs from their great new album, Beautiful Broken, and actually closed their show with two Led Zeppelin classics.
They have played Zeppelin songs for years, and do awesome versions of them.
Lead singer Ann Wilson has the voice of an angel, but can scream with the best of them, too.
I love her presence and walk on stage. She’s so confident and I love that.
Her sister, guitarist/singer Nancy Wilson, is awesome, too.
They truly are a great family team.
And their band is solid, too, of course.
All of these bands have been around a long time, have made many albums, and are all still at the top of their games.
If you get a chance to see any of these bands, please do so.
They are all great and fun.
My next concert is August 3 in Columbus, in which I’m seeing two oldies, but goodies: John Kay And Steppenwolf, as well as Foghat.
Have a great Sunday and week everyone.
P.S. Here are the band’s setlists and pictures that I took.
Most of the pics don’t do my view justice, but you’ll get the picture. Get it? Got it? Good!

Heart Set List:

  1. Wild Child (Romeo’s Daughter cover song)
  2. Magic Man
  3. What About Love
  4. Bebe Le Strange
  5. These Dreams 
  6. Two (from their great new album Beautiful Broken)
  7. Get Offa That Thing Intro (James Brown cover song)/Straight On
  8. Kick It Out
  9. Beautiful Broken (from their great new album of the same name)
  10. Alone
  11. Crazy On You
  12. Barracuda
  13. Encore: Immigrant Song, Stairway To Heaven (Led Zeppelin covers)

Joan Jett & The Blackhearts Set List:

  1. Bad Reputation
  2. Cherry Bomb (The Runaways song)
  3. Do You Want To Touch Me (Oh Yeah)-Gary Glitter cover
  4. TMI (from her latest album, the great Unvarnished)
  5. You Drive Me Wild (The Runaways song)
  6. Fragile (from her latest album Unvarnished)
  7. Light Of Day (written by Bruce Springsteen for the movie of the same name, starring Joan and Michael J. Fox. Great song.)
  8. Make It Back (from her latest album Unvarnished)
  9. Love Is Pain
  10. Fake Friends
  11. Any Weather (from her latest album Unvarnished)
  12. I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll (The Arrows cover)
  13. Crimson And Clover (Tommy James And The Shondells cover)
  14. I Hate Myself For Loving You
  15. Encore: Everyday People (Sly And The Family Stone cover)

Cheap Trick Set List:

  1. Hello There
  2. Big Eyes
  3. Elo Kiddies
  4. California Man (The Move cover)
  5. If You Want My Love
  6. Blood Red Lips (New Song-Live Debut. When guitarist Rick Nielsen introduced this song, he jokingly said to the audience that it sounded like 98% of them had never heard of this. Well, I was one of the 2% that did, sang along to it, and was only too happy to do it. Check out their new album Bang Zoom Crazy Hello.)
  7. Need Your Love
  8. I’m Waiting For The Man (The Velvet Underground cover. Bassist Tom Petersson sang this song. They also played a snippet of The Velvet Underground song Heroin.)
  9. The Flame
  10. I Want You To Want Me
  11. Dream Police
  12. Surrender
  13. Goodnight

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