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    Rock And Roll is Not Dead: Queens of the Stone Age/Royal Blood Concert Review

    Queens of the Stone Age and Royal Blood rocked Columbus Tuesday night.
    Rock and Roll is alive and well.
    For everyone who says rock is dead, think again.
    Royal Blood started the show with a kick butt set.
    This  band is a duo and I’m telling you they rock.
    Even Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin is a fan.
    And Queens of the Stone Age are still kicking butt too.
    Leader/singer/guitarist Josh Homme and his band are still making very good albums and they just rock!!
    That’s all I have to say.

    Queens of the Stone Age Band Members:

    Royal Blood Band Members:

    Queens of the Stone Age Set List:

    1. Go With The Flow
    2. The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret
    3. Feet Don’t Fail Me
    4. My God Is the Sun
    5. The Evil Has Landed
    6. Smooth Sailing
    7. Domesticated Animals
    8. Avon
    9. No One Knows
    10. Fortress
    11. Make It Wit Chu
    12. Leg of Lamb
    13. Head Like a Haunted House
    14. I Appear Missing
    15. Villains of Circumstance
    16. If I Had a Tail
    17. I Sat By the Ocean
    18. Little Sister
    19. Encore:  The Way You Used to Do
    20. A Song For the Dead

    Royal Blood Set List:

    1. Where Are You Now?
    2. Lights Out
    3. Come On Over
    4. I Only Lie When I Love You
    5. Little Monster
    6. Hook, Line & Sinker
    7. Hole In Your Heart
    8. Ten Tonne Skeleton
    9. Figure It Out
    10. Out of the Black

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