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    A Long But Rewarding Day: My Lexington Comic & Toy Convention 2018 Experience

    Well, aside from having to wait in line much too many times and being disorganized, Lexington ComicCon was fun.
    I wish I could’ve accomplished more, but I accomplished a lot.
    I met my hero Chuck Norris twice!!! On his birthday, no less.
    The first time to get his autograph and give him his birthday card I bought for him.
    And I got my picture taken with him later.
    Very kind man. All smiles, very appreciative, and when I told him he was the highlight of Expendables 2 for me (one of my favorite movies), he told me it was a lot of fun to do.
    He did appreciate the card. I wasn’t sure if security would allow it, but I saw someone before me had given him one, also.
    He definitely had the biggest turnout of fans, and deservedly so, in my opinion.
    He’s not done many of these types of events, so for him to be there was HUGE.
    I first met wrestling manager Jim Cornette.
    I almost missed his photo op.
    He was walking away, and I came up behind him shouting his name. He turned around and I introduced myself, and he was very gracious and cool.
    I told him I had already paid for the photo, and he said, oh let’s go back and get it done.
    He soon invited me over to his merch table to hang out, but I was not able to until near the end of my day. But when I did, again, he was beyond cool.
    I had some email exchanges with him recently over some DVDs I had bought from his website that were incomplete.
    He sent me complete ones later. He told me he appreciated me telling him.
    I bought a couple of other wrestling DVDs from him and he signed them, as well as the picture.
    Everyone I talked to was cool, but he was the most sociable one.
    I told him he was one of the last people I was seeing before heading home, and then work.
    I told him where I came from, and he told me to be careful driving home twice.
    Again, great guy.
    I also met Jonathan Frakes, who played Commander Riker on Star Trek: The Next Generation.
    My encounter with him was very brief, unfortunately, but still, I’m glad I met him.
    He gave me a fist bump and when I told him it was a pleasure meeting him, he said “likewise”.
    He did a Q&A later, which someone filmed and I retweeted and shared the link on Facebook, but I wasn’t able to go because I chose to walk around more and get some more stuff.
    Next up was Wrestler/Actor Kevin Nash.
    I’ve been a fan of his for some time.
    Very smart and funny guy. Very tall, too.
    I first got my picture with him, and later went to his merch table so that he could sign the picture.
    Again, cool guy.
    When you see the picture, you’ll notice I’m not smiling. It’s only because I was trying to imitate his friend Scott Hall, who I’m also a fan of.
    I also met wrestler Booker T. I wasn’t sure if I would meet him, but I figured why not?
    His line wasn’t huge, and I’m a fan of his, too.
    I had seen him in person twice before at two different wrestling shows.
    He was very talkative, not only to me, but to anyone else he met. I got my picture taken with him, as well an autographed picture.
    Again, great guy.
    The last person I met was actor Billy Dee Williams.
    He’s most famous for playing Lando Calrissian in two Star Wars movies.
    Again, nice guy, soft spoken.
    I had to ask him if he thought he may star in Star Wars Episode 9. He said “I don’t think so” (Edit:  He did star in Episode 9 later on.).
    I’m glad I was able to meet him because his photo op schedule initially was after I was going to be gone, but luckily, it got moved to right before I was going to leave.
    So that worked out great.
    I initially just got an autographed picture from him, but later got my picture taken with him.
    Again, I wasn’t able to see everyone. But I accomplished a lot and in the end, it was a great day.
    It’s not everyday you get to meet heroes of yours. And even give one of them a birthday card.
    Oh and my cousin Zachary went with me and he had fun too.

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