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Classic Rock w/a Capital C: Paul Rodgers/Jeff Beck/Ann Wilson/Deborah Bonham Concert Review

I saw Paul Rodgers, Jeff Beck, Ann Wilson, and Deborah Bonham (John’s sister) in Cincinnati yesterday.
Great show!!!!
Deborah started off with a couple of songs, which was cool, then Ann (still flawless singer) came out and did one Heart song, a new song, and a bunch of cool covers. Most of these songs will be on her new album, Immortal, out next month.
Jeff Beck, one of the greatest guitarists ever, then came out with his PHENOMENAL band and tore it up!!!
His band is as great as he is, and that’s saying something. Holy cow!!!!!!
And then one of the best singers ever, Paul Rodgers, came out and did a set of half Free, and half Bad Company songs. Two of his bands.
Great show all around.

Paul Rodgers Set List:

  1. Little Bit Of Love
  2. Can’t Get Enough
  3. Wishing Well
  4. My Brother Jake
  5. Feel Like Makin’ Love
  6. Ready For Love
  7. Movin’ On
  8. Mr. Big
  9. Woman
  10. Fire And Water
  11. Shooting Star
  12. Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy
  13. Encore:  Walk In My Shadow
  14. All Right Now

Jeff Beck Set List:

  1. Pull It
  2. Stratus
  3. You Know, You Know
  4. Morning Dew
  5. I Have To Laugh
  6. Lonnie On The Move
  7. Mn’a na hE’ireann
  8. Just For Fun
  9. Little Wing
  10. Big Block
  11. Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers
  12. Brush With The Blues
  13. Superstition
  14. A Day In The Life
  15. Encore:  Corpus Christi Carol
  16. Going Down

Ann Wilson Set List:

  1. The Real Me
  2. Barracuda
  3. Fool No More
  4. Back To Black
  5. I Am The Highway
  6. You Don’t Own Me
  7. Life In The Fast Lane
  8. Won’t Get Fooled Again

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