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    I Saw Captain Kirk: William Shatner Q&A After Star Trek 2 Screening

    Another great night in my life happened!
    I saw William Shatner in person in Cincinnati at The Taft Theatre.
    He is doing a series of shows where Star Trek 2: The Wrath Of Khan (one of my favorite movies ever) plays and then he comes out afterwards and talks for an hour, tells stories, and answers questions submitted to him by fans at the venue.
    He had so many stories to tell.
    He talked about how he once played a trick on Deforest Kelley (Dr. McCoy), in which Deforest was heating bagels in a toaster, and he got Leonard Nimoy (Mr. Spock) to distract him so that he (Shatner) could remove the bagels from the toaster so that when Deforest came back, the bagels would be gone.
    He did this twice in a row. He did this because Deforest told him that he was afraid his memory was not too good.
    You had to be there to laugh.
    He told a story about a cop pulling him over one night/morning while he was driving to location on the Star Trek 2 movie in uniform.
    The cop asked him where he was going so fast to. Shatner told the cop “I have to get to my spaceship”.
    He even brought a fan on stage to try to explain to him Time and Space, which was fun.
    Again, you had to be there.
    One fan submitted question was “Boxers or Briefs?” He paused for several seconds and said “Depends”, and went on a funny Depends rant.
    Such a great night.
    My life sucks most of the time (always broke and working, don’t sleep well), but nights like this make me glad I’m here.
    Another one of the greatest events I’ll ever attend.

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