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Dream Come True: Phil Collins Concert Review

Dream come true: I saw Phil Collins in concert.
He played a sold out or nearly sold out show at Nationwide Arena in Columbus.
My cousin Zachary and I went and we had sooooo much fun.
Before Phil came out, there were many pics of him on the screens.
When he did come out, he was walking with a cane, and told everyone he would have to sit for a lot of the show.
This is because he had hip and knee surgery, his right foot is numb, and that’s just the way it is.
But you know what? Everyone, myself and my cousin, were just happy to see him.
He sang great, his band is phenomenal, and the songs are just classics.
He did sing three Genesis songs (his other band), and a lot of solo hits and a few somewhat deeper tracks.
Even if he is not totally physically perfect, he’s still going for it and he’s having fun.
He’s still got a great sense of humor and again, he’s having fun.
One of the first things he said to us, and all the other shows he does, he starts off by saying that he didn’t think he would be doing this anymore.
He actually did stop for a few years because of just life.
But he said he missed the fans and missed doing this.
So, for anyone who complains that he sits, shut up!! He’s giving all he has and I think it’s more than good enough. In fact, it’s amazing.
Seeing him was HUGE for me.
It was worth every penny, and trust me, it was not cheap.
But TOTALLY worth it.
I’ll never forget this one.
I took many pictures. 
What a great concert.
I’m glad I finally saw him.
My list is getting shorter. When it is complete, so am I.
Love and Peace always.

Set List:

  1. Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)
  2. Another Day In Paradise
  3. I Missed Again
  4. Hang In Long Enough
  5. Throwing It All Away
  6. Follow You Follow Me
  7. Can’t Turn Back The Years
  8. Who Said I Would
  9. Separate Lives
  10. You’ll Be In My Heart
  11. Drum Trio (Phil did play block percussion!! His son Nicholas is the main drummer)
  12. Something Happened On The Way To Heaven
  13. You Know What I Mean
  14. In The Air Tonight
  15. You Can’t Hurry Love
  16. Dance Into The Light
  17. Invisible Touch
  18. Easy Lover
  19. Sussudio
  20. Encore: Take Me Home

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