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    Mr. Scary: Lynch Mob (George Lynch) Concert Review

    I FINALLY saw one of my favorite guitarists, George Lynch, in concert.
    His band, Lynch Mob, played in the Cincinnati area at a place called The Venue Cincinnati.
    Two cover bands opened, then Lynch Mob came out and played for two hours.
    Two hours of Lynch Mob and Dokken songs.
    George has in the band Nathan Utz on lead vocals, Sean McNabb on bass, and Scott Coogan on drums (he sang lead on one song while Nathan played drums).
    They had fun, as did the crowd.
    I’m glad I finally saw George. He’s the last of the Dokken guys I needed to see.
    I’m just sorry it took almost 20 years for me to see him.
    Better late than never.
    That’s my last event until March.
    I live for these things.
    You know what makes me happy?
    Music, concerts, meeting famous people, and seeing movies. That’s about it. And that’s ok. Don’t ever expect me to change.
    Love and Peace

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