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I Met Arnold Again!! Arnold Sports Festival 2019

I was not going to attend the Arnold Sports Festival this year, until I found out that Arnold Schwarzenegger was going to take pictures with fans.

So I could not resist.

It was brief, as photo ops are, but getting my picture taken with Arnold may be the most important picture I’ll ever get with a famous person.

He’s been a hero of mine since I was a kid.

So this means a lot to me.

I’d met him twice briefly at the festival in 2016, but did not get my picture taken with him.

Glad I got that done.

I also got to see Arnold speak at two seminars.

Of these festivals I’ve been to (this is my 4th), this was the most I’d seen Arnold.

It’s just great to see how he conducts himself.

He’s super professional, very nice, humble but confident, and is very intelligent.

I’ll always be a fan.

Thank you sir!!

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